The Weather - present AND past tense German

By j_quinlanTEACHER
18 terms by j_quinlanTEACHER

German Past Tense #2 (Past Tense)

By datnewsome
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German - Past tense (mit sein)

By hzentz
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Irregular German Verbs - Past tense

By Jonathan_KreshaTEACHER
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German Past Tense

By allisonschaaf
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Past tense German Verbs

By michaelwhite_13
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German Past Tense #2 (Past Tense) Groups

By datnewsome
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German Past Tense

By daye2002
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Past tense German

By AlysiaSherer
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German Past Tense

By gassermic78
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German Past Tense Verbs

By vvaishnavii
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German Past Tense Verbs

By bryan_sperry
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Past tense German verbs

By codyboo92
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German past tense verbs

By cassiebanjo
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German- The Past Tense

By emily_bicknell6
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GCSE German diet past tense

20 terms by FRAUHARDY

German Quiz_ past tense

By sa4576
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Past tense German vocab


Past Tense Vocab - German

By Bluerose0402
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German past tense

By loube123
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german narrative past tense

By jennifer_salisbury2
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German Past Tense

By jmags17
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German simple past tense

By jacob42500
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Past Tense German (Irregular)

By John_Berkay
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German Perfect Past Tense

By Aleisha_W
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German Past Tense

By asummer1
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German past tense

By emily_prior4
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German past tense

By maa_chan
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German past tense verbs

By iwatchyou
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German Past Tense 2

By max_tweddle
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German Past Tense Words

By jung6
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German Irregular Past Tense

By Gunnar_Fisher
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German past tense

By andreww_
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German past tense

By Susan_Porambo
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German Past Tense Verbs

By Gianna_Capurso
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German verbs & past tense

By caitlynnbingen
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Past tense german

By ariannarudorf
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German: Past Perfect Tense

By Vocalminority
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German Past Tense

By William_Jenkins6
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German Past tense verbs

By shay_horton
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German past tense verbs

By colep7
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German past tense

By Evan_Chang5
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German strong past tense

By Michael_McDevitt9
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german past tense verbs

By Madeline_Denman
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German irregular past tense

By Jeff_berlowitz
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German Past Tense words

By s103299
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German Vocab Past Tense

By BlahBlahMonster
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German Past Tense

By Mark_Schmidt_
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German Past tense Sentences

By Stephanny_Melendez
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German Past Tense

By GenesisS_
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