CIE IGCSE German Reading 2010

45 terms By janeypen Teacher

German readings. 1-50

50 terms By karpat

iGCSE German Reading 2012 Dritter Teil, 1. Aufgabe

29 terms By SusanneWinchester Teacher

iGCSE German Reading 2012 Erster Teil

57 terms By SusanneWinchester Teacher

iGCSE German Reading 2012 Dritter Teil, zweite Aufgabe

50 terms By SusanneWinchester Teacher

German Reading Paper Vocab

118 terms By sladeE

German Reading

45 terms By a1110111101

iGCSE German Reading 2012 Zweiter Teil

22 terms By SusanneWinchester Teacher

GCSE German Reading Mock

32 terms By Sarah_Burns3

AQA German Reading Paper

56 terms By JemmaDenman

German Reading

305 terms By eturner27

EC - German Reading Exam Yr 11

90 terms By emmanuelgerman

German reading vocab

45 terms By mwebb12

GSCE German Reading Foundation 2011

35 terms By Katnip__

German reading

77 terms By lottie-gym19-

German Reading Correction Vocab

78 terms By lizzieannawood

German reading for January Mocks

32 terms By BMansel

German Reading

81 terms By Katie_Ruffles

German Reading Vocab

51 terms By em_wadley

German reading 2001

41 terms By louiserobertson232

May 2009 German Reading Paper Vocab

37 terms By Davidstephens13

GCSE German reading tricky words

33 terms By German_Cuthies

German Reading Foundation Tier 2011

40 terms By Ironclad-Ship

3H German Reading 2010

49 terms By youaresohistory

German Reading Paper Vocabulary

45 terms By mlfenton

GCSE German reading June 2013 Higher questions

70 terms By slc12

German Reading Test vocab

31 terms By ionao1294

German Reading Paper Vocab 2

43 terms By sladeE

German Reading Vocabulary

20 terms By harrytaylorswift


50 terms By LucyWittmann

German Reading Vocabulary

25 terms By fraumiskin

German reading Foundation Tier 2010 key vocab

53 terms By Ironclad-Ship

2012 JC German Reading comp.

74 terms By jonc42

Y9 German Reading test

29 terms By Brimsham_Languages

Most used words in GCSE German reading/listening

65 terms By WhickhamMFL

German Reading

36 terms By david_westfall9

Jannach's german reading ch 18

81 terms By spurtell

German Reading Paper Vocab

42 terms By babyjulz

Jannach's German reading ch 19 vocab

30 terms By spurtell

German Reading

35 terms By laurenxelliott

German Reading Hard Vocabulary.

34 terms By SophieA2510

German reading test 2.1

149 terms By evabre17

German Reading Test 2.2

159 terms By evabre17

German Reading Vocab

39 terms By lucynicklin

German Readings Test 1

100 terms By evabre17

Y9 German reading and listening exam vocab (AQA 2013 Foundation)

213 terms By BurgateMFL Teacher

2006 Junior Cert German Reading comp.

59 terms By jonc42

As German Reading Vocab 1

38 terms By MadiColeman

Edexcel IGCSE German Reading Paper 2013

100 terms By HerrGalloway

German Reading Test 2

170 terms By evabre17