German Vocab 11 ( for Monday 2nd December)

25 terms By herrclements1 Teacher

German vocab and dative

32 terms By meggabee

German Vocab "schritte" Ch. 13

38 terms By c_beard7693

Dative German vocab

22 terms By Melissa_Baldi

German Vocab 2

16 terms By isamarhen

German Vocab ch. 6 Dative prepositions

11 terms By brady_a_beard

German Pronoun Forms

27 terms By todonnellzf Teacher

German 2 Dative Prepositions

26 terms By deplatt Teacher

German Prepositions

26 terms By HerrSpencer

German Prepositions with Cases

33 terms By ZoeBoiston

Dative prepositions

21 terms By julikram Teacher

German Adjective Endings

32 terms By HerrSpencer

Verben mit Präpositionen-Dativ

30 terms By chironna Teacher

German Dative Prepositions Practice

29 terms By MmeLumumba Teacher

Kapitel 10A: Dativ

20 terms By mlbergre Teacher

NCHS, German IV: Dativ

50 terms By NCHSSchnabeltier Teacher

Dative Prepositions - Fill-ins

25 terms By bennettwest Teacher

Deu2 DATIVE prepositional phrases

20 terms By FrauA1 Teacher

German dative prepositions

9 terms By mrnoonmfl Teacher

Dative Verbs

8 terms By kradhe Teacher

Dative Verbs

26 terms By kctaurus Teacher

German / English: Sentences - Dative Case *

46 terms By English_Gabi Teacher

Kapitel 10A: Dative prepositions

16 terms By mlbergre Teacher

Deu2 Dative verb practice

20 terms By FrauA1 Teacher

Morgenroutine - Reflexive mit Dativ

7 terms By Geigeste Teacher

Präpositionen mit Dativ

9 terms By dfrau Teacher

German Dative Verbs

41 terms By danfi

German Personal Pronouns

27 terms By seafra_micael Teacher

Deu2 DATIVE case nouns

20 terms By FrauA1 Teacher

German Prepositions with Cases

33 terms By jarboea Teacher

Give Accusative and Dative forms of German Pronouns

9 terms By FrauGeorgeMHS Teacher

Deu2 DATIVE verbs

10 terms By FrauA1 Teacher

German Dative Prepositions

11 terms By shaunawinegar Teacher

Possessive Pronouns, Dative Case

26 terms By hundmutti Teacher

German Dative Verbs, pronouns and articles

26 terms By IMDFrau Teacher

Verbs followed by the Dative Case

15 terms By IMDFrau Teacher

Ch 10 Dative Verbs (Eng-German)

6 terms By Schaefer22 Teacher