German Cars vocab

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German Vocab. 3

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German - Module 3 - End of Module Test

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German terms

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German Animals (Affe to Frosch)

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German to English Words

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Passive - German

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Dative Prepositions - Fill-ins

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German Emergencies and Cars vocab

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German 1

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German year 10 controlled assesment

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German Cloths

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Immigrants and Racism (german)

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Free Time/Sport/Health (E1/2/3)

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German picture presentation

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German Oral - Topic: Apres Presentation Qs

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Environmental Issues/The Media/ ICT (D1/2/3)

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German Oral Vocab - Environment

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German Vocab

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German Oral Vocab

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Food and Drink Vocab (C3)

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Lektion 2 Adjektive

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German Phrazes

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Lektion 2 Nomen

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Lektion 2 Verben

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Adjektive und Adverbien (Adjectives and Adverbs)

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Adjektive und Adverbien

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German words - Kapitel 16

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German words - Kapitel 15

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The Animals (German)

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German: chores (Hausarbeit)

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Rosetta Stone German Level 1 Unit 1 Lesson 4

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German - 5 phrases - 51

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German - 5 phrases - 50

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perfect tense using haben

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German Past Participles - Haben

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perfect tense haben

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Perfect tense using sein

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German Irregular Past participles

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German body parts and illnesses

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German Clothes

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IGCSE German Thema 3.3 Ich bin fit

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Yiddish Terms-Set 1

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