German 5

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German Vocab

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Basic Baking Equipment - German

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Irregular Verbs - Conversational Past

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biographical information

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Basic Seasons and Months - German

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Die Farben

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Die Jahreszeiten

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Die Monate

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more notecards

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Present 1

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Internet Vocab test

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GERMAN Erste Stuffe

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german im am um

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Das Obst -fruit

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German (8)

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Erste Stufe Wortschatz

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German oral Q

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German oral

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German Numbers (German)

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Wolkenkratzer A2 Deutsch L11 Verkehrsmittel

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tgau 2 india

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GER 101 - Possesive Adjektiven - edwe - EXAM 3

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Meine Familie - words and sentences

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Day 24 I Adjectives: Predicative 3

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GERMAN-der Valentinstag

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der Valentinstag

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Chapter 3 Vocabulary (nouns)

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German Road Signs

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German 6

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German 2

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Questions and Statments

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Negative and Positive Statements

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Kapitel 9 Vocab Words (German 2)

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das Klassenzimmer

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Beethoven Advanced German Class

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Year 10 German - meine Gegend - Miss Hogan

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Year 9 German - Valentins Tag - Valentines Day

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Kapitel 19 - German words

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German Clothing Items

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German 1 Chapter 1

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German Chapter 4B animals only

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Combo with "German question words" and 2 others

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