Year 8 German Time 2 - JOT

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German lesson 1

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German Mammals

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German vocab list 3.2a

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German Clothes

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School Subjects

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English To German Animal Sounds

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Englisch Plus Level 3 German wordlist

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English To German Fruits

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English To German Numbers

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German Dative case practice

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German Environment Pt. 2 (incomplete)

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German Colors

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German Environment pt. 1 (Incomplete)

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German Pets (And Pet Related things)

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German stuff

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ideen 1 adj, andere w├Ârter

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ideen 1 VERBEN

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German Classroom Expressions

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Beginner German Study Set (Same English words as crazymaizey)

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German Birds

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ideen 1

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German 9.2.2015

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German Proficiency Vocabulary (talking about your language abilities)

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German Made Easy - Chapter 9

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German Adjectives Test 1

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German Unit 1: Introductions and People

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German Nouns Test 1

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German vocabulary

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German Clothes

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German 131 SFA Part 1

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German Words

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German Numbers 1-10

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German Classroom Expressions

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AP German Einheit 1 Reisefieber

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English To German Greetings And Goodbyes

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german G-1-2

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German Colors

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German Numbers and Colors(German)

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German 2

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Deutsch Aktuell 1, Kapitel 1: Hallo!

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German slang: animals

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School and Time

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