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Day 11

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Set 8: Pocket money(2)+Shopping

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Family - German

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Haus und Wohnung

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German - Adjectives

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German words 2

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Present Tense Stem Changers

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Present Tense Verbs (Das Präsens)

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German Vocab Part 3 - months

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German words

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German: where something is

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Infinitive Verbs- Irregular

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Infinitive Verbs - Regular

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German words

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German, Kapitel 6 Verbs

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Monday Verbs

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German Vocal- 4

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Kapitel Vier--Articles + Nouns

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Present Perfect German Verbs

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Simple Past Stem Changing German Verbs

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Present Stem Changing German Verbs

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Yr 9 PGS German - Eco-friendly design

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Katzensprung 1 Kapitel 3 pg 35

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formulaic german expressions

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German words

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German Food Vocab 1

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German basics

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The Classroom, descriptions, family, etc pt. 2

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German days of the week

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German Logo Book 1 Meine Familie

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Instructions, Clothes, Colors, & more Basics

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German 302 Lektion 7

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German Numbers

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German past participle

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German- Random Vocab.

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Regular Verbs- Infinitives and Past Participles

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Konjunktionen Deutsch III

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Duolingo german

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german chapter 4 set 1

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German School Subjects

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German Body Parts

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Polite German Phrases

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German Class 35

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April Wilson's German Quickly - Chapter 10 and 11

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April Wilson's German Quickly - Chapter 8 and 9

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