S1 German - Adjectives

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Simple past 2

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German Vocab Book Chapter 11 - Home Town

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Unprepared questions - German CA

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S1 German - School Subjects

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Webster's New World 575+ German Verbs

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Oxford 3000 letter B English - German

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German Obst und Genüse 🇩🇪

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Present Tense 2

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German family members

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French sayings german translated

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Present Tense 1

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Kleidung - Clothes

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Tyske verber (werden)

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Family Members in German

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german vocab 6

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Year 8 German Unit 1 vocabulary

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Die Farben - Colours

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German vocab pocket money

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Gesundheit und Wohlbefinden: Arbeiten oder leben?

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Adjectives - German

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Subordinating Conjunctions

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German Revision

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German vocabulary (unit one)

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German - How are you

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Wichtige Verben

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German Vocabulary Autumn 2 List 4

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German - Qualifiers (Sehr, Selten, etc)

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Adjectives pt 2

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Adjectives pt 1

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Iss Gesund

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The Internet

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German - Geburtstag(Birthday)

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German vocab (difficult)

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Nützliche Wörter 2

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Perfect case words

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German Days, Weeks and Months

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'das' Zu viel Information?

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Home and local area 4

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Home and local area 3

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