German Numbers 1 - 20

20 terms By ACBalaam TEACHER

German Introductions

12 terms By ACBalaam TEACHER

German - months

12 terms By AldwickburyLanguages TEACHER

German Months & Days

19 terms By MadamePanella TEACHER

GCSE German School Subjects

19 terms By MmeBurguin TEACHER

German: Irregular German Verbs

127 terms By fenelon

German weather

15 terms By jeanneg

German Adjectives 1

50 terms By SchrecklichDeutsch

German Adjectives 2

50 terms By SchrecklichDeutsch

3. Chapter 3 German Voc - Part 1 - Food

131 terms By jasonleighwall TEACHER


32 terms By byoakam7 TEACHER

Irregular Verbs German I

24 terms By leewells TEACHER

IGCSE German: Pronouns

32 terms By hymersmfl TEACHER

WJEC German GCSE Vocab pp2-3 (Home Life)

149 terms By HuwpHuw TEACHER

Talk German Chapters 1-10

300 terms By RachelHibberd TEACHER


10 terms By William_Hallock


37 terms By Sarah_Boyer732


111 terms By jsulz

German Restaurant Phrases

41 terms By shereesings TEACHER


5 terms By marina_ghiraldo


32 terms By Grant_Miller47

German Vocab

94 terms By IMSAtroll

German essay fillers

55 terms By Thirskschool

German Vocab

105 terms By TylerVerst

German Verbs--green list English to German

64 terms By hotzekimberly

100 most common German/English verbs

100 terms By Holzschuppen

German: Time

13 terms By l1lyp0p

German Adjectives 3

50 terms By SchrecklichDeutsch


51 terms By okweb2000ismyyoutube


42 terms By danette_greene


34 terms By A19Arnesonn

AP German Vocabulary 1

80 terms By jbgalbreath


25 terms By amalianc TEACHER

German Colors

11 terms By PioneerFrench

German basics 2

65 terms By shaugen15 TEACHER

Family and Friends (in German)

66 terms By Lionhead


42 terms By Grant_Miller47


37 terms By Vanessa_Brandenburg6