German: Irregular German Verbs

127 terms By fenelon

German Introductions

12 terms By ACBalaam Teacher

German Adjectives 2

50 terms By SchrecklichDeutsch

German Animals 1

58 terms By lunaris13

100 most common German/English verbs

100 terms By Holzschuppen

German Emotions (variety of sources)

73 terms By misscastner Teacher

German Irregular Verbs

89 terms By hopscotch

Old German Alphabet

52 terms By eldridgejosh

German Adjectives 3

50 terms By SchrecklichDeutsch

Talk German Chapters 1-10

300 terms By RachelHibberd Teacher

German Body Parts

28 terms By meglearns

German Prepositions and Adjectives

54 terms By rdbusler

German Verbs--green list English to German

64 terms By hotzekimberly

German Colors

11 terms By PioneerFrench

German Vocab

94 terms By IMSAtroll

German Prepositions with Cases

33 terms By ZoeBoiston

Nouns in German

88 terms By pzulaica

German Basic Vocab. 51-100

50 terms By rparent62

German Basic Vocab. 1-50

50 terms By rparent62

German Basic Vocab. 101-150

50 terms By rparent62

german vocab unit 1

41 terms By ttobon Teacher

German Alphabet

30 terms By mvaden

German 1 Restaurant Vocab

37 terms By FrauS

German Colors

23 terms By zlaurenz


93 terms By jordanjohnsonn

German Action Words

59 terms By rdbusler

B - Common German Words

132 terms By salquizzy

German Prepositions

30 terms By Amanthis

German Numbers

46 terms By rmh137


18 terms By Noah_Reitnauer

German Numbers

21 terms By Wendy78978

German Months & Days

19 terms By MadamePanella Teacher


14 terms By Alexandria_Mott Teacher

Basic German

48 terms By voxorb

German Restaurant Words

45 terms By ElysePotthast

German Colors - BYU First Year German 101

14 terms By deutschisttoll


37 terms By Sarah_Boyer732

Poskey German Days of the Week and Months

19 terms By Natalie_Poskey Teacher

german nouns

99 terms By iptharry

German sentences

32 terms By spicymeerkat


57 terms By jermainr Teacher

German Temporal Adverbs

40 terms By MarathonSprachen

Roys German Vocabulary Part 2

1,003 terms By roy_busdiecker