AP German Vocabulary 1

By jbgalbreath
80 terms by jbgalbreath

German: Time

By l1lyp0p
13 terms by l1lyp0p

Family and Friends (in German)

By Lionhead
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By danette_greene
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German Colors

By PioneerFrench
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By A19Arnesonn
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By GLopez13
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By Kierstin_Willett
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100 most common German verbs

By bryan33
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By Vanessa_Brandenburg6
37 terms by Vanessa_Brandenburg6

German / English: Sentences of the Day *

By English_GabiTEACHER
25 terms by English_GabiTEACHER

The 82 most common sayings in German

By miwuuu
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By Chad_Bork
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2. Chapter 2 German Vocabulary - Part 1

By jasonleighwallTEACHER
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21 terms by FrauSDHSTEACHER

German phrases

By michael_cook
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German Numbers

By rmh137
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Basic German

By voxorb
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By natalia_olender
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By GLopez13
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German Animals

By lawrence_j
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By FragMaster821
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By Sydney2801
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By AquaDawg
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By Alexandria_MottTEACHER
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By tdegnerTEACHER
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By Sydney2801
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By Sydney2801
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german nouns

By iptharry
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German Nouns

By heytheregirl17
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German Alphabet

By mvaden
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German Prepositions

By Amanthis
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By KyraRodgers
31 terms by KyraRodgers

German Clothing Items

By Chewed_Bubblegum
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O - Common German Words

By salquizzy
44 terms by salquizzy

N - Common German Words

By salquizzy
45 terms by salquizzy

H - Common German Words

By salquizzy
62 terms by salquizzy

German House & Home Vocab

By thompson
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German Action Words

By rdbusler
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German House Words

By rdbusler
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German 1 Restaurant Vocab

By FrauS
37 terms by FrauS

L - Common German Words

By salquizzy
63 terms by salquizzy

German Clothing Vocab

By Viempar
35 terms by Viempar

German Prepositions and Adjectives

By rdbusler
54 terms by rdbusler

German Restaurant Words

By ElysePotthast
45 terms by ElysePotthast

German Temporal Adverbs

By MarathonSprachen
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W - Common German Words

By salquizzy
66 terms by salquizzy

R - Common German Words

By salquizzy
71 terms by salquizzy