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German Verbs

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german vokabeln - die klass - the class

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german vocal

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Week 11 Spelling Quiz

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German Words

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German Spelling Week 11

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German 9 (Berufe)

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German Possessive Pronouns

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German V Chapter 11-12

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German Vocab Ch. 10 pt. 2

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German Health Unit Study Guide

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Consumer Ed with German translation part 3

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German Unsorted

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German Chapter 4 Vocab

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german vocab

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German House Quiz 1

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German (2)

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German 10.1

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German Conjugations unwelt

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German 9 (Die Ausbildung und Das Vorstellungsgespr├Ąch)

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German 9 (Eigenschaften von guten Bewerbern und Die Arbeit)

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Wortschatz 1

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German 202: Einheit 1 quiz

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German 4

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German animals vocab

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Reflexive Verbs

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German modal verbs

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German (dates/numbers)

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German Ch. 10 Pt. 1 Vocab

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German words

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German Vocabulary Chapter 1-7

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Consumer Ed with German translation part 2

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Akkusativ prepositions

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German Quiz - Feb. 10

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German Spelling 11

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German chapter 5 vocabulary

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German Einf├╝hrung

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German Vocab Kapitel 17

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Dativ Prepositions

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German restaurant words

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German Errand Vocabulary

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german vocab 1

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Adverbs and such

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