German 2: Kapitiel 11 Verben

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German Lecture 1 Adjectives

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Spanisch Encuentros 1 Unidad 1C

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German words 5

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New Common

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Kapitel 13 - Grundwortschatz

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Jugendliche, Rechte und Pflichten

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Unit 2- Die Werbung

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German Vocab 4

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German classroom terms

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German Travel Words

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German 2

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German Vocab: Stufe 1

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German numbers

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German Vocab for lesson

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Oral Exam 1 Script

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German vocab chapter 3

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German numbers

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German Lecture 1 Vocab Nouns

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German Days of the Week

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Kapitel 4 Vokabel

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German 8 Vocab Words; Nomen

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basic German phrases

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German quiy vocab 10-13-15

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german sets

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German study set

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German 2: Vocabulary Test Two

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German Lecture 1 Vocab Verbs

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German people and endings

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Herr Kutchta's German 3 -- (sich schminken - hübsch)

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German Chapt. 3 Section 3

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German Vocab Part 6

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German Vocab (Bladel)

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German 2

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German months of the year

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German: Was kann man in - machen?

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German essay phrases

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The Animal World- Level 1

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German 109 test 2

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German II

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Theme aktuell chapter 2 adjectives

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GRAMMAR_ Gender rules- word endings

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German Verbs - Haben

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Die Rolle der Frauen

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Vocabulary list German 3

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Test 1

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German Vocab

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