Government & the authorities

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Government Authors

By CourtneyTaylorR
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By Pikadeka
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Authority and Governments

By gjarmusch
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government authority

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Government and the authorities

By lan_anh_thai
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Governing and Authority

By NoahTerpstra
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Governing and authority

By carly_mulligan
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Governing and Authority

By Austin_438
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Governing and Authority

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Governing and Authority

By NataliaOwen
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Governing and Authority

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Governing and Authority

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Governing and Authority

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Governing and Authority

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governing and authority

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Governing and authority

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Governing and Authority

By JordanWri
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Governing and Authority

By Dustin505
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governing and authority

By vanessa_lan
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Authority in government

By sarahellis123
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Governing and Authority

By ElizabethIII
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Gov 20 Authors

By evaskye
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20s Authors

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Gov 20 Readings and Authors

By max-frank2207
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Gov 20 Authors

By kaylaroseholly
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Lesson 13: Governing and Authority

By NickStoll
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Types of Government + Author's Message

By MsMeederReading
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Government Exam Authors

By Sydney_Troost
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Good Life Governing Authors

By iwakeman
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Organized Government/Authority/Rule

By Gabriella_Marchello
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Organized Government/Authority/Rule

By tallon
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Topic 10: Government and the authorities

By jonie_ung
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Vocab Governing & Authority

By torrimc
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Top 20 iconic authors

By Morgan_Bush7
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God is the Author of Government

By jennifer_drake9
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governing and authority/ care and precision

By noahaltman15
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unit 3- authority and government

By eviesummas
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American Authors 1-20

By breadstickpenguin
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20 Maps - Names/Authors

By Danielle_Duplisea
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IELTS topic: Government and authorities

By k_perov
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English Authors 1-20

By AmeliaJHarrison
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authority in surgery (religion and government)

By wainyhannah
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Lesson 13 - Government and Authority

By lazlionob
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Government Authority and Economic Systems

By John_Gorman1776
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FILM 20 Authors and Works

By Jeremy_Viele
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Lesson 13: Governing and Authority

By emilyc1176
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Lesson 13: Governing and Authority

By rebeccahsiung
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Set 13: Governing and Authority

By brookeliang
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