Gov't, Civics, Political Science for Praxis II Social Studies

38 terms By bethgehle Teacher

FTCE Social Science 6-12, Political Science/Gov't/Civics

86 terms By Steve_Hung

AP US Gov't + Civics CH 2-3

14 terms By QK4

Gov't/Civics Midterm

53 terms By jeremy_donaldson34

Gov't & Civics Final

123 terms By Taylor_LaPine

VOCABULARY 8B - Media/Gov't & Civic Duty

101 terms By CY7878

American gov't civics

20 terms By cameron_hardesty

FTCE Social Science 6-12, Political Science/Gov't/Civics

86 terms By cheryldickson

Final Exam Review-Gov't/Civics

118 terms By StrawberryFondue

Ch. 13 vocabulary-Gov't/Civics

25 terms By StrawberryFondue

Chapter 12 Congress in Action -Gov't/Civics

50 terms By StrawberryFondue

Government-Gov't, Economy, and Public Policy

19 terms By micaelaanne210

11th Social Studies Notes: Civics & Gov't Chpt. 24 Sec. 1-3

9 terms By quizlette4946249 Teacher

Civics 4: Structure of Power

32 terms By TimeMachine Teacher

2015 US Civics Test Questions (Arizona)

100 terms By RM1113 Teacher

Civics Flash Cards for the Naturalization Test

100 terms By DarkHiggsBoson

Civics 2B: Essential Characteristics of U.S. Government

41 terms By TimeMachine Teacher

AP US Government: Branches of Gov't

113 terms By l3gallybrun3tt3

European Governments - Economies

25 terms By mjarzewiak Teacher

GLE20 -- Structure and Power of Branches of Government

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17 terms By sfloydkipp Teacher

USCIS Civics Test

100 terms By bell4lyphe

Civics 1 Presentation

33 terms By TimeMachine Teacher

Constitution and Foundations of Government

45 terms By Mike_Aquino Teacher

Civics Chapter 2: Foundations of Government

20 terms By MrsCarpenter139 Teacher

Civics - Basic Principles of government

6 terms By ebamford Teacher

Civics/Government Vocabulary

15 terms By mjarzewiak Teacher

Civics And Gov't People

14 terms By bobbylandergan

Civics 5B: Departments of the Federal Government

15 terms By TimeMachine Teacher

Unit 2- TIER 3- Foundations of American Government

18 terms By Jeffrey_Foels Teacher

3 Branches of Government

62 terms By Sarah_Willis1 Teacher

Polvere 7th grade Civics Chapter 4

46 terms By MrsPolvere Teacher

Civics OP#2- Forms of Government

23 terms By MrsHackEagle Teacher

Gov't Chapter 2 Quiz Study Cards

26 terms By Candi_Peters Teacher

Civics 5A: Functions and Duties of Government

25 terms By TimeMachine Teacher

Polvere 7th Grade Civics Chapter 3

47 terms By MrsPolvere Teacher


6 terms By Ms_Alexis Teacher

GLE #76 -- Governments in Louisiana's History

34 terms By TimeMachine Teacher

Unit 3 - Social Studies: Civics and Government

21 terms By JkruegerPburg Teacher

PECS SS 7th Grade Foundations of Government

27 terms By qpritchard Teacher

Civics - Constitution & Gov't Processes

28 terms By k_eise

Civics - Levels and Branches of Government

33 terms By Jennifer_Lunceford Teacher

Ch. 24 Government/Civics Understandings (Europe) Part 1

10 terms By MACKLCMS Teacher

Gov't Test 1 -

33 terms By Candi_Peters Teacher

Roman Gov't and Society

10 terms By Dave_Snyder Teacher

AP Gov't Ch. 7 Vocabulary

36 terms By Kbaker0816

AP Gov't - Chapter 13A - Patterson - Direct Democracy, State and Local Government

13 terms By rbaumann10 Teacher

Ch. 24 Government/Civics Understandings (Germany) Part 2

10 terms By MACKLCMS Teacher

Government Ch 5 - Civics

44 terms By mrsclaypool Teacher

5 Concepts/Types of Gov't

15 terms By cupcakes32015