French Passe Compose-irregular pictures

30 terms By jenawelty Teacher

Fr2 U2.8 French Verbs - Passé Composé with Avoir & Être

65 terms By abosch Teacher

LSN aller, present, passe compose, and imparfait

19 terms By mmesusansmith Teacher

Key Expressions Indicating Past Tense (Imperfect or Passe Compose)/ Mme Lott

38 terms By lottk Teacher

Fr2 U6 Vocab - Expressions that Indicate Passé Composé or Imparfait

55 terms By abosch Teacher

Verbes - Passé Composé - Participes passés

15 terms By amandamccleery Teacher

Le Passe Compose avec ETRE (17)/ Mme Lott

38 terms By lottk Teacher

Passé Composé

34 terms By MelleFarman Teacher

Fr2 U2.8 French Verbs - Passé Composé with Être

101 terms By abosch Teacher

French Irregular Passe Compose verbs

29 terms By meifangchan

French passé composé with avoir verbs, plus irregulars

30 terms By kgrosso Teacher

Bon Voyage - Chapitre 11 Grammar (Passé Composé - Irregular Past Participles)

88 terms By westers Teacher

Fr2 U2.8 French Vocab - Verbs that use Être in Passé Composé

19 terms By abosch Teacher

Passé Composé- les verbes irréguliers

42 terms By micheledelange Teacher

U5 French Verbs - Reflexive Verbs in Passé Composé

56 terms By abosch Teacher

présent au passé composé

24 terms By madamedignon Teacher

Bon Voyage - Chapitre 11 Grammar (Passé Composé - Être Verbs)

51 terms By westers Teacher

French Passé Compose Conjugation

6 terms By NomadicAnta

French - Grammar - Passé Composé A

44 terms By gotjoosy

French Verb Quiz - Passé Composé

583 terms By abosch Teacher

Le passé composé - Les verbes irréguliers avec AVOIR - practise the participes passés

25 terms By MmeSchreiber Teacher

Tex French grammar Passe Compose

31 terms By Rood

French 3 and 4 imparfait and passé composé indicator words

51 terms By kgrosso Teacher

05_Le Passé Composé - participes passés avec Avoir

26 terms By mllt Teacher

Gr 9 Passé Composé: DR & MRS VANDERTRAMP

20 terms By smww Teacher

French - Passe Compose avec Etre

16 terms By QuickWit

Le Passé Composé (avoir) - Regular and Irregular Verbs

31 terms By MonsieurN Teacher

French Passe Compose

80 terms By Keirin-Sama

Passé Composé taking ÊTRE

16 terms By ms-obrien-french Teacher

F2 Chapitre 2 G2 Passé composé

35 terms By Mme_McCaffry Teacher

French 3/Passé Compose: Irregular Past Participles

63 terms By Daniel_S_was_here

Le Passé Composé

30 terms By jessicatgs Teacher

DFB Unité 6 indicators for passe compose and imparfait

49 terms By frenchwarrior

Tapis Volant 2 Unité 4 - le passé composé - pages 38-39

44 terms By amandamccleery Teacher

Review Le passé composé (avoir & être verbs)

52 terms By MmeSikma Teacher

French - Passé Composé (irregular past participles)

23 terms By triplethreat1

Le Passe Compose avec les Verbes Réguliers/ Mme Lott

50 terms By lottk Teacher

DR MRS VANDERTRAMP with the passé composé tense

16 terms By nbellitti Teacher

Le passé composé des verbes réguliers - la traduction

42 terms By MmeSchreiber Teacher

Conjugez au passé composé

50 terms By Marcel_Losier Teacher

Le Passé Composé: Expo 2 Vert Temps libre

20 terms By Poppyhead Teacher

Passé Composé (irregular past participles)

38 terms By FrauLOTE

Bien Dit 1 - passé composé (AVOIR)

35 terms By lhebert Teacher

Bien1 Ch8-2: passé composé w/ÊTRE

20 terms By MmeTranquila Teacher

Le passé composé

23 terms By MademoiselleC Teacher

Moran French DR MRS VANDERTRAMP with the passé composé tense

16 terms By jthomas10 Teacher

2Allez-viens! 136 passé composé

20 terms By Saint-Louis Teacher

2Allez-viens! 167 passé composé w/ Etre

17 terms By Saint-Louis Teacher

FR3 faire, presnt, passé composé, imparfait.

22 terms By Mme_Southwood Teacher

Passe compose SPECIAL FEMALE!!!

15 terms By beardchr Teacher