Introduction to Dutch - week 1 - grammar (irregular verbs: to be and to have)

19 terms By Intro_Dutch Teacher

Grammar - Irregular Verbs (Simple Past)

80 terms By ChristopherAAU Teacher

Grammar - Irregular Verbs (Past Participles)

80 terms By ChristopherAAU Teacher

Irregular verb forms in the subjunctive: French

159 terms By MadameZFrench Teacher

SPA1- Ch8A Grammar-Irregular Verbs

30 terms By kimiblanton Teacher

Grammar - Irregular verbs

27 terms By dhcamden Teacher

GIBB IET Grammar Irregular Verbs

70 terms By englishgibb

Irregular verbs

60 terms By Cheryl_Bacha Teacher

Classical Conversations cycle 3 english grammar irregular verbs

12 terms By straight

AECP B2 Grammar Irregular Verbs (Group 7)

9 terms By wandahuber Teacher


49 terms By activekids Teacher

bv1ch4 grammar- Irregular verbs ir,dar,estar

18 terms By provdoll Teacher

AECP B2 Grammar Irregular Verbs (Group 6)

10 terms By wandahuber Teacher

GIBB IET Grammar Irregular Verbs

70 terms By robotec007

SPA2 Ch5B Grammar: Irregular verbs conjugation (Preterite)

12 terms By kimiblanton Teacher


34 terms By activekids Teacher

Core Grammar: Irregular Verbs

20 terms By ttobon Teacher

D'Accord! 3 Unit 1.2 Grammar- Irregular verbs and idiomatic expressions -être, avoir, faire, et…

56 terms By MmeSilitch Teacher

L2 Grammar Irregular Verb-3

34 terms By nana_fukaya

Irregular verbs (very easy)

68 terms By emteedee Teacher

English Grammar irregular verbs

65 terms By tomerbin98

L2 Grammar Irregular Verb-2

34 terms By nana_fukaya

L2 Grammar Irregular Verb-1

28 terms By nana_fukaya

Latin 2 - Grammar - Irregular Verbs - eo, ire

18 terms By turtle109

L2 Grammar Irregular Verb-4

20 terms By nana_fukaya

English Irregular Verbs mnaves3

136 terms By mnaves3 Teacher

IRREGULAR VERBS( Present, past, past participle)

24 terms By activekids Teacher

Irregular Verbs

155 terms By anranli

U7 French Grammar - Irregular Adjectives

49 terms By abosch Teacher

irregular verbs

40 terms By profzara Teacher

Grammar-irregular verbs

60 terms By nour_tannas

Basic grammar Irregular Verb

74 terms By blue123456

Grammar IRREGULAR VERBS 41-60 on 4.11

20 terms By AngelTeacher

GIBB IET Grammar Irregular Verbs - German - base form

70 terms By inf10or


52 terms By jeffrey_jewbear

Grammar(Irregular verbs(past participle))

80 terms By ByeongYeongKang

D'Accord! 3 Unit 1.2 Grammar- Irregular verbs and idiomatic expressions -être, avoir, faire, et…

56 terms By Madame_Dow Teacher

22. Grammar: Irregular verbs

36 terms By mcruzbentley

Sp. 3 grammar (Irregular Verbs in Preterite)

26 terms By camie_hall

W.O 5 Grammar: "Irregular verbs 2"

18 terms By joimo

Irregular Verbs - Year 8

42 terms By ACBalaam Teacher

Irregular verbs - The Big Four - Year 8

24 terms By ACBalaam Teacher

Spanish 2 - Present Tense E>IE Stem Changing Irregular Verbs (Conjugated)

52 terms By ashliekmiller Teacher

Grammar-IRREGULAR VERBS set 1-20, 3.09.2015

20 terms By AngelTeacher

GCSE German grammar ( irregular verbs)

66 terms By caitlinmclean99

barron's french grammar irregular verbs

33 terms By v6hojm

Spanish 2 - Preterit Tense - Irregular Verbs (Conjugated)

133 terms By ashliekmiller Teacher

French grammar - Irregular verbs type 2

44 terms By jake_adshead

1.04 Grammar - Irregular Verbs

30 terms By Sam_Atwater4

unit 5 grammar irregular verbs (yo form)

6 terms By ahgrimes