Greetings!How are you?

By julialambert75TEACHER
16 terms by julialambert75TEACHER

How are you?/Greetings

By frausorbelloTEACHER
11 terms by frausorbelloTEACHER

How are you? - Greetings.

By gabiorosz
20 terms by gabiorosz

Are you ......?, Greeting!

By qiyaoxiaoyanTEACHER
32 terms by qiyaoxiaoyanTEACHER

Greetings and How are you?

By SenoraSchlein
30 terms by SenoraSchlein

Greetings/How are you

By AnnaKjoller
20 terms by AnnaKjoller

Greetings - How are you (Hanzi)

By Annie_Zhang15TEACHER
11 terms by Annie_Zhang15TEACHER

Greetings and How are You

By aippolito311
34 terms by aippolito311

Greetings/how are you

By Keasha_Johnson9
22 terms by Keasha_Johnson9

Greetings\How are you

By Barrett_Maxcy
23 terms by Barrett_Maxcy

Greetings/how are you

By lilyrmcc1
11 terms by lilyrmcc1

Greetings / How are you

By AmyBosdyk
17 terms by AmyBosdyk

Greetings and "How are you?"

By TheDavester2203
34 terms by TheDavester2203

Greetings/how are you?

By darius_pierpont
20 terms by darius_pierpont

How are you? (Greetings)

By Anthony_Volatile
9 terms by Anthony_Volatile

Greeting and How Are You?

By mistycupcake
12 terms by mistycupcake

Greetings, Farewells & How are you

By dhthompson13
27 terms by dhthompson13

Greetings - How are you (Pinyin)

By Annie_Zhang15TEACHER
11 terms by Annie_Zhang15TEACHER

Greetings/How are you

By gubron
20 terms by gubron

Greetings/ how are you

By celeste-lotz
12 terms by celeste-lotz

Greetings and How Are You

By gmichelson94
36 terms by gmichelson94

Greetings/ How are you?

By opreyn16
33 terms by opreyn16

Greetings - How are you (Hanzi)

By Annie_Zhang15TEACHER
11 terms by Annie_Zhang15TEACHER

Greetings, Goodbyes, & How are you?

By MadameBelz
43 terms by MadameBelz

Greetings/Goodbye/How Are You?

By srta_hartz
19 terms by srta_hartz

Greetings and how are you in Spanish

By MmeSandersTEACHER
13 terms by MmeSandersTEACHER

Greetings & How you are feeling

By mllecline
22 terms by mllecline

Greetings, Goodbye, How are you?

By Senor_PhelpsTEACHER
26 terms by Senor_PhelpsTEACHER

What you are called and greetings

By lclarabeeTEACHER
34 terms by lclarabeeTEACHER

Spanish Greetings and How are you

By burksaTEACHER
28 terms by burksaTEACHER

Greetings, How Are You, Goodbye

By awkwardblondett
21 terms by awkwardblondett

Greetings, Pleasantries, how are you?

By M209512
32 terms by M209512

Italian Greetings and how are you

By vpassaro
34 terms by vpassaro

Greetings, Farewells, How are you?

By DinoDan16
35 terms by DinoDan16

how are you/greetings/peeps

By johnsonclara19
56 terms by johnsonclara19

Greetings, dismissing, how are you?

By demmar
16 terms by demmar

Greetings--where are you from?

By cbeckw
39 terms by cbeckw

Greetings Zwei (how are you)

By RichardLindemann
17 terms by RichardLindemann

Greetings/Goodbyes/How are you?

By Justin_Share
27 terms by Justin_Share

greetings, goodbyes, how you are

By alliekmoore
19 terms by alliekmoore

Common greetings/ how are you

By VetTech021
15 terms by VetTech021

TBGS greetings: How are you?

By hanyu
18 terms by hanyu

spanish (greetings & how are you

By Pat_Bairos
29 terms by Pat_Bairos

CMA French - Greetings / How are you / Age

20 terms by MR_MARIE

French - Greetings/how are you

By rashelr
32 terms by rashelr

Greetings/how you are/introductions 8th

By calvoesbonito
22 terms by calvoesbonito

Greetings/Introductions/How are you?

By msstu12
18 terms by msstu12

Greetings and How Are You Responses

By ImaginativeReality
13 terms by ImaginativeReality

Greetings & How are you/Responses

By Sport_4life
13 terms by Sport_4life

Greetings and Say How You Are

By Savannah_Sauers
17 terms by Savannah_Sauers