Hebrew עברית

By Liam_Jacob
21 terms by Liam_Jacob

עברית בכתב Hebrew writing

By gila_azrad
27 terms by gila_azrad

basic hebrew עברית בסיסית

By FlowerBuddy63
9 terms by FlowerBuddy63

אולפן עברית - basic hebrew

By Yuri_Bacci
262 terms by Yuri_Bacci

Hebrew Vocabulary Words - עברית

By shovalvano1
10 terms by shovalvano1

Hebrew Half Yearly Revision | עברית

By mac_cohen
23 terms by mac_cohen

עברית אלפבית (Hi-bru Alef-Bet) - Hebrew Alphabet

By Alexis_Gilbert5
22 terms by Alexis_Gilbert5

עברית שלב ב Hebrew Part 2

By rvandeusen
99 terms by rvandeusen

School בית ספר

20 terms by HElamiTEACHER


By lparmetTEACHER
27 terms by lparmetTEACHER


By ira_Fedorova
254 terms by ira_Fedorova

Animals in Hebrew

By Gabriella_Tenenbaum
157 terms by Gabriella_Tenenbaum

Hebrew Vowel Sounds

10 terms by cbhtTEACHER

Academic Hebrew Terms

By Sari_Fein
87 terms by Sari_Fein

8 עברית מן ההתחלה שיעור

By JaredStudlow
14 terms by JaredStudlow


By Rexy1234567890
17 terms by Rexy1234567890

11 עברית מן ההתחלה שיעור

By JaredStudlow
29 terms by JaredStudlow

6 עברית מן ההתחלה שיעור

By JaredStudlow
31 terms by JaredStudlow

מילים בית ספר

By Oded_Wilson4TEACHER
20 terms by Oded_Wilson4TEACHER


By hebrew6girls
20 terms by hebrew6girls

בית ספר

By Noah_Kalnitz
26 terms by Noah_Kalnitz

בית ספר school

By dlevichTEACHER
23 terms by dlevichTEACHER

Hebrew From Scratch-unit 6 (1)

By KDSvered
10 terms by KDSvered

Ross Hebrew - Chapter 39

By cvogan
16 terms by cvogan

5 עברית מן ההתחלה שיעור

By JaredStudlow
24 terms by JaredStudlow

3 עברית מן ההתחלה שיעור

By JaredStudlow
31 terms by JaredStudlow


By nana_sun
81 terms by nana_sun

unit baiyt - בית

By Ariella_LivnatTEACHER
22 terms by Ariella_LivnatTEACHER

Hebrew Clothes and Weather

By or_rogovinTEACHER
35 terms by or_rogovinTEACHER

עברית 4

By Laderon_Ashkenazie
115 terms by Laderon_Ashkenazie

Hebrew cursive

By Meshulam_TwerskyTEACHER
27 terms by Meshulam_TwerskyTEACHER

בית ספר למוזיקה

By don66150
13 terms by don66150

Food - Hebrew / English

40 terms by XeniaRossTEACHER

Ross Hebrew - Chapter 20

By cvogan
12 terms by cvogan

מילים עברית

By Jonahack
40 terms by Jonahack

Ross Hebrew - Chapter 29

By cvogan
13 terms by cvogan

עברית עשרה א - ג 30

By oritkam
26 terms by oritkam


By jacobeswerland
28 terms by jacobeswerland

hebrew words pg. 29

By Joshua_Lipman
22 terms by Joshua_Lipman

עברית עשרה א - ז 55

By oritkam
11 terms by oritkam

Hebrew Basic 1 unit 1 and 2

By estygg
42 terms by estygg


By Terklton
65 terms by Terklton

12 עברית מן ההתחלה שיעור

By JaredStudlow
30 terms by JaredStudlow


By nls1
9 terms by nls1

לשון לתיכון עברית 5 #2 עמוד6-9

By Irit_Slain7TEACHER
13 terms by Irit_Slain7TEACHER

Grade 6: 04/05/15

By MorahNaomi
10 terms by MorahNaomi

Hebrew from scratch - unit V

By oritkam
14 terms by oritkam

עונות השנה

By galyakimpton
9 terms by galyakimpton

עברית 2 מתקדמים הפעיל חסרים

By mholoshitz
15 terms by mholoshitz

Hebrew From Scratch-Lesson 2

By KDSvered
37 terms by KDSvered