TCM Herbs: Transform Phlegm

27 terms By Rhondam3

Cool Herbs Transform Phlegm Heat

22 terms By jade_happyday

Herbs That Transform Phlegm

100 terms By Jeremy_Frieling

Herbs That Cool and Transform Phlegm-Heat

9 terms By TCM_RARuiz

warm herbs transform phlegm-cold

20 terms By becky_a_palmer

Herbs: Transform Phlegm & Stop Cough

46 terms By voodoo_viking

Transform Phlegm Heat - Qian

17 terms By bearmeadow

Transform Phlegm Herb Identification

18 terms By crystalann2014

Cool Herbs that Transform Phlegm Heat 22 Herbs

11 terms By jade_happyday

Warm Herbs Transform Phlegm

8 terms By Amy_Patterson9

Herbs 2 (C.Hsieh) - Cool & Transform Phlegm Heat

30 terms By Julesmartin222

Herbs 2- Transform Phlegm

19 terms By Shock3N1

Herbs That Warm and Transform Phlegm-Cold

5 terms By TCM_RARuiz

Transform Phlegm Cold - Qian

9 terms By bearmeadow

Cool and Transform Phlegm-Heat

28 terms By jamieyosan

Herb ID: 6.1 Transform Phlegm Heat

8 terms By djnathanwebb

Warm Herbs that Transform Phlegm-Cold

18 terms By jamieyosan

Cold Herbs Transform Phlegm, MM II

13 terms By ginaspace

Herbs Transform Phlegm Heat

4 terms By williamellett

Warm Herbs Transform Cold Phlegm

29 terms By gtfreels

Single Herbs - Transform Phlegm Heat

10 terms By jcunningham1494

Transform Phlegm-Heat

8 terms By bearmeadow

Single Herbs - Transform Phlegm Cold

5 terms By jcunningham1494

Herbs that Transform Phlegm-Heat

3 terms By PortiaRichae

Week 11: Herbs that Warm & Transform Phlegm

34 terms By saramizner

Herbs That Transform Phlegm

32 terms By liangj33