Herbs, Extinguish Internal Wind

By gabrielle1122
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Herb Formulae III: Extinguish Internal Wind

By ehallstrom1986
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Herbs - Extinguish Wind/Stop Tremors

By Gabrielle_Olko
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Herbs that Extinguish Wind

By kfarrenmoss
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Herbs that Extinguish Wind

By kfarrenmoss
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Herbs that Extinguish Wind / Expel Parasites / Topical

By Keith_BecksteinTEACHER
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Questions: Herbs that Extinguish Wind

By ellie_columbine
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By jan_kummer
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Herbs That Extinguish Wind and Stop Tremors

By Kevin_Russell7
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Herbs 3, herbs that extinguish wind, stop tremor

By onapond
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Herbs 6 week 13

By lizz_sol
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Herbs that Extinguish Wind

By hrscheuring77
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Herbs 4 - TEST 3: Extinguish Tremors

By Tyson_LeMonte
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Herbs 3, Test 3: Extinguish Liver Wind and Stop Tremors

By eatennison
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Random Herbs

By MichaelZarling
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Extinguish Wind and Stop Tremors Herbs

By Laura3510
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Formulas that extinguish internal wind - quiz 4

By faith_foster3
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Extinguish Wind & Expel Parasites

By Sugandhi108
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herbs that extinguish wind & stop tremors

By becky_a_palmer
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Zhen Gan Xi Feng Tang (Sedate the Liver and Extinguish Wind Decoction)

12 terms by TCM_RARuiz

Liver calming wind extinguishing herbs - quicker hits

By schultza15
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Formulas: Extinguish Internal Wind Formula

By A_Young5
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herbs comps sample questions

By commalove
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Herbs 6

By James_Constantine
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Extinguish LV Wind

By louisa_tomaio
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Kim 15: Extinguish LR wind/Expel Parastes/External

By liz_cross47
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Extinguish wind, stop tremors

By kitty_lew
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T6 Proficiency Handout: Single Herbs ONLY

By Mtnskiergal
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By awlfs12
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Extinguish Wind and Stop Tremors (3 Star)

By mgallagher1234
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herbs to subdue liver yang and extinguish wind

By rubzboots
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Herbs 2 Liver Calming, Wind extinguishing

By Dan_Foster4
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Herbs 2 Liver Calming and Wind Extinguishing Herbs

By cshaynerun
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Herbs 6 Test 2 (33 Questions)

By Meaw_Sachs
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Extinguish Wind Stop Tremors: One Liners

By Ross_Wilken
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Herbs Midterm

By Alexander_Diamond8
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Herb Pharmacopoeia II: Liver Calming, Wind Extinguishing Herbs

By ehallstrom1986
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*Tian Ma Gou Teng Yin (Gastrodia and Uncaria Drink)

11 terms by TCM_RARuiz

Liver Calming and Wind-Extinguishing herbs

By Suvini_Jayasekera
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Phlegm Herbs

By dallygolightly
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14b - Formulas that extinguish internal wind

By lanceypantz
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Tonify Yin Herbs w/category questions

By Laura3510
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Phlegm Herbs

By Maeganemilybrown
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By hammond_scott9
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Herbs III: Final Review

By Changlish8
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Extinguish Wind & Stop Tremors

By CascadingOrchid
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