44 terms By twilkin

Deciduous Shrubs ID

18 terms By jeffmaierhofer Teacher

Horticulture II Shrubs

16 terms By sljoyne2 Teacher

Horticulture lab final: Annuals/trees/shrubs/groundcovers/vines

67 terms By Lila_Hughes

Home and Garden: 30 tree/shrubs/groundcovers/vines

8 terms By Lila_Hughes

10 Good Shrubs

17 terms By aileenoisin

Ericaceous Shrubs & Trees

11 terms By aileenoisin

Spring Trees and Shrubs

30 terms By MikeDiTota

Evergreen Trees & Shrubs

20 terms By psensenig16

Shrubs III

12 terms By stuart_jump

Shrub List 2

10 terms By Dsabina


14 terms By mkfontai

FFA Evergreen Shrubs ID

31 terms By hollyelizabethn

Shrubs: Cert III Horticulture

19 terms By hjbakerdowdell

Shrub List

20 terms By Dsabina

Horticulture - Deciduous Shrubs

23 terms By emmavaljean

Pacific NW Native Plants: Trees and Shrubs

81 terms By mrmatthewnk

Shrubs II

13 terms By stuart_jump

Trees, Shrubs, and Ornamentals

80 terms By some1lovesyou

Shrubs I

7 terms By stuart_jump

Thin Leaf Evergreen Shrubs

6 terms By jman345x

Shrub list 3

10 terms By Dsabina

NCFFA Horticulture II Shrubs

19 terms By Brooke_Phipps


22 terms By sj_kohler

tree and shrub facts

29 terms By bookworm3x4

Wall Shrubs & Climbers

12 terms By aileenoisin

Horticulture II-Plant ID Shrubs

19 terms By jilliancasey

Shrubs (Deciduous)

19 terms By bookworm3x4

Tree and Shrub Planting & Pruning

111 terms By Rapcoa


19 terms By Creid95


19 terms By marcuschristian390


17 terms By sec7221

High School Horticulture Plant Identification Review

71 terms By lwbunch

Broad-Leafed Evergreen Shrubs

25 terms By kdhaigh

HORT 212 Evergreen Shrubs

8 terms By chevelle10

Elkins Introductory Horticulture Unit 30 Deciduous Shrubs

12 terms By BritShack

Shrub List 3

10 terms By jman345x

Shrubs 2

13 terms By ChickGirl86

Shrub List 2

10 terms By jman345x

Shrubs 4

10 terms By abbeyroad204

Shrub List 1

10 terms By jman345x

PHS Landscaping- SHRUBS

18 terms By NCSUKing

deciduous shrubs

17 terms By albersdj2

Flowering Shrubs Unit 4

10 terms By jman345x

Shrubs 1

10 terms By abbeyroad204

HORT 212 Small Shrubs

14 terms By chevelle10

Shrubs 2

10 terms By abbeyroad204

Fruits and Shrubs

12 terms By ChickGirl86

Shrubs 3

14 terms By ChickGirl86

Evergreen Shrub list

8 terms By Dsabina