How I feel - Unit 1

By LunaTeacherTEACHER
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How Someone Feels 9.1

By vondohlent95
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EAL A1: How do you feel?

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Spanish 1 - How You Feel

By terrell_gardner
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1: How Are You Feeling?

By Tanhal_Christian
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How you feel Spanish 1

By jadelorenlong
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Spanish 1 To describe how someone feels

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Spanish 1, Chapter 4B, to describe how someone feels

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EAL A1: How do you feel?

By kwellbrook
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How we feel & don't feel - Unit 1

By LunaTeacherTEACHER
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to describe how someone feels

By cfchaparro
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How you feel and food Spanish 1

By Kallie_Nies
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Combo with ""How it Feels..."" and 1 other

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Idioms: how one feels

By NathalieVRoberts
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Spanish 1: Expressions on how I feel

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How we feel & don't feel - Unit 1

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EL ARTE 1 - how it makes you feel

By srapostTEACHER
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1.1 How you do feel?

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Spanish 1 - adjectives - how you feel

By Colt9999
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I 4B Describing How One Feels Vocabulary

By Jibtrim2TEACHER
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how people feel unit 1 of the textbook

By CovinaBonafedeTEACHER
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Feelings/ How You Feel

By chaselaski
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2.3.1 how you feel today

By Hedeeri
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Spanish 1: Describe how you feel

By Shannon_Alte
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Basic Spanish 1- How You Feel

By Sharon_Camille
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How Are You- Feelings. 1/27/16

By michaeljamesnichols
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How do you feel

By giflinguaTEACHER
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2.3.1 How You Feel Today

By C3lin3
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2.3.1 How You Feel

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How do you feel today (1)

By alimovaan
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LPVQ #1 Tp. 29 - How you feel

By JordanGarvine
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Chapter 1 Vocab- Describe How You Feel

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Spanish 1: Vocabulary: Describing How You Feel

By Jack_Mahanes
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How someone feels

By scarlettandsabrina
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How do you feel?

By zadcoeltuTEACHER
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How do you feel

By Evelyn049
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10-1 How are you feeling?

By Chaugen
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to describe how you are feeling in spanish1

By tddouglass
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To Ask and Tell How You Feel Part 1

By niamh1818
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Lesson 1 how are you feeling

By carlotta282
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Feelings - How do you feel?

By EnglishCurie
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Spanish 1 asking/answering how you feel

By Jinat
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Pg.1 Talking about how your feeling

By Sierra_Boyce2
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How do you feel? - Feelings

By TeachingSeconds
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LP 1.3 P.29 - Describe How You Feel

By koffib
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How I feel

By loretap
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How are you feeling (Spanish Ch. 1)

By edura
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chapt 1: how you feel and question words

By Megan_Uren
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Describe how you feel

By Ivoska
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