French 1 Greetings & numbers

By carriefrayTEACHER
33 terms by carriefrayTEACHER

French 1 Greetings & numbers

By lawrkchsTEACHER
38 terms by lawrkchsTEACHER

French 1: Greetings, nationalities and numbers

By siannalsoto
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French greetings and numbers 1-20

By Gray_Blue
25 terms by Gray_Blue

French chapter 1 greetings and numbers

By thejanelysgonzalezz
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French greetings and numbers 1-20

By PeterPanda5
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Greetings and numbers 1-15 in French - Intro to WL

By anneflomappTEACHER
29 terms by anneflomappTEACHER

French 1: greetings (salutations) and numbers (nombres)

By FrancaismywayTEACHER
57 terms by FrancaismywayTEACHER

Intro to French- Greetings and numbers

By foltzb
23 terms by foltzb

French greetings and numbers

By susanbowmanTEACHER
47 terms by susanbowmanTEACHER

French Numbers and Greetings

19 terms by MrsTogbeTEACHER

Numbers 1-20 and simple greetings/questions in French

By MissAshcroftBishopR
34 terms by MissAshcroftBishopR

French 1 Lesson 1 Greetings, Introductions, Numbers 0-20

By carlsone16
56 terms by carlsone16

Numbers & greetings in French

By fgottschalkTEACHER
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French 1 Numbers 0-60 and Greetings and Accents

By Michael_Lonergan
72 terms by Michael_Lonergan

Numbers & greetings in French

By pacarita
38 terms by pacarita

French Quiz (numbers 1-10, greetings, nationalities)

By kayden_hallett6
30 terms by kayden_hallett6

French test- numbers 1-10 and greetings

By morganberte
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French Greetings/Numbers 0-20

By cpower88
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French greetings and numbers

By ProfeWilke2
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French greetings and numbers

By ProfeWilke2
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Greetings, numbers 1-10

By Rosamaria_Carneiro7
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French greetings, months, days and numbers 1-25

By EthanTan1220
77 terms by EthanTan1220

French Greetings,Invitations,& Numbers

By queengabby0
13 terms by queengabby0

A. Beginner French - basic words greetings numbers 1-10 etc.

By mmecowleyTEACHER
17 terms by mmecowleyTEACHER

French Greetings, Colors, Numbers

By Allison_Criswell
60 terms by Allison_Criswell

French 1a Unit 1 greetings/numbers

By Dar8
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Unit 1 Greetings & Numbers

By Lijun_XiongTEACHER
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greetings and numbers 1-10

By runnerbrandt
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French unit 1 (numbers, greetings, introductions and more)

By Staceyrice19
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French Test #1: Greetings, Numbers, and The Classroom

By SilverSunsetss
97 terms by SilverSunsetss

French Quiz Unit 1 : Numbers and Greetings

By BigBang21
29 terms by BigBang21

French Greetings and numbers

By Jess_Blundin
26 terms by Jess_Blundin

French Greetings, numbers, and days test 1

By ryan_manglos
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French 1: French Greetings

By Amy_Delbecq
33 terms by Amy_Delbecq

French Numbers and Greetings

By kiki2346a
20 terms by kiki2346a

french basics (greetings/numbers)

By sydney_boyd15
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French: numbers, colors, greetings, and classroom objects

By kerrhope1TEACHER
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French greetings and numbers

21 terms by ERICA_BRACE

French Greetings/Numbers

By frankierex
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French greetings and numbers

By lizzy481
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French Greetings & Numbers

By Jack_Kalman
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French Greetings and Numbers

By myersnoahr
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French numbers and greetings

By Perla_Orozco9
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French: Greetings and Numbers

By ChocoSilk
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French Greetings/numbers

By Megan_Kessey
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Greetings French 1

By mbujnowskiTEACHER
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French "Greetings and numbers"

By kacy_do
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French greetings/ numbers

By Cody_Nadeau1
48 terms by Cody_Nadeau1