ACCESS French I Le Jour et La Date

75 terms By amanda_solberg1 Teacher

French I: le pays francophone

32 terms By vivianbrown

French I-Le Temps

47 terms By awalrath21

Chapter 7, Test I - Le Vocabulaire

89 terms By gebohling

Français I le corps

22 terms By mneiman

Envol 6 I Unité 12 I Le véhicules

11 terms By merzrahel Teacher

ENVOL 6 I Unité 11 I Le temps

10 terms By merzrahel Teacher

E7, U5; LWS_1 - Niveau I > "Le corps"

20 terms By drallalla Teacher

il, l', lo, gli, i, le, la

26 terms By Signora_M Teacher

French I Le temps - Weather 11/19/12

40 terms By MmeSmithOHCHS

French I -- le Noël (vocab for how we celebrate)

46 terms By abongard

French I: Le Jour at la Date!

78 terms By maroonjunkie

Envol 5 I Unité 6 I le corps

12 terms By merzrahel Teacher

French I - le chat et le chien

19 terms By MmeCrays

E7, U7; LWS_2 - Niveau I > "Le temps"

28 terms By drallalla Teacher

la bière (i) - le brassage

40 terms By theangler

LoyNo French I Le passé composé avec être

16 terms By brienz1994

French I: Le temps- la météo

17 terms By legostavros

Envol 5 I Unité 7 I le visage

9 terms By merzrahel Teacher

French I: Le Calendrier

32 terms By ashley_chollar

French I: Le temps Leçon 4C

19 terms By kalfusa

E7, U4; LWS_2 - Niveau I > "Le tourisme"

17 terms By drallalla Teacher

E7, U3; LWS_2 - Niveau I > "Le couvert", "Pour faire un gâteau" & "M…

32 terms By drallalla Teacher

French I: Le transport

17 terms By anhhuyalex

French I Le Transport Vocabulaire

25 terms By mmedavis

Chapitre I: Le Jeune Berger

28 terms By paigethiele

French I - Le couvert

12 terms By tragicallybliss

Shrek II Partie I: Le Nouveau Vocabulaire et mes Créations

22 terms By renookie-monster

Leçon 1 Points de départ: I. Le Genre des noms

80 terms By merneko

French I: Le salon

13 terms By anhhuyalex

French I Le Livre Perdu 2nd 15

15 terms By brehmlaura

[Spring 2014 Block I] LE

24 terms By puddlejumper83

Percorsi Text Capitolo 6 percorso I - Le stanze e i mobili

50 terms By cbasile

Français I: Le partitif (some)

14 terms By MSandwichT

DIRITTO PRIVATO - Parte II I SOGGETTI - Capitolo I - Le persone e le situazioni esistenziali

33 terms By Nino_Alessi

Le Français I- Le Temps

25 terms By aubrey_sanderson

Italiano I - Le Nazionalità

33 terms By 14cruzm

Combo with LoyNo French I Le passé composé avec être and 12 others

217 terms By cebraswell8

Rehabilitation I - LE special tests

25 terms By tonyamwc

mystical. i-i-le

12 terms By zagami

Italiano I - Le Nazionalità

33 terms By lsobel Teacher

ENVOL 06 I Unité 11 I Le temps

18 terms By MZM-FR

Le French and le Subjunctive

27 terms By tyu

The stuff that i am still learning in le french

10 terms By tbrich12

'O le fafine i le Masina

28 terms By winnnaayy

Italian I- Le attività

59 terms By ekelleher


75 terms By brandy4270

DIRITTO PRIVATO - Parte I Capitolo I - Le nozioni generali

29 terms By Nino_Alessi

French I-Le Jour et La Date

83 terms By awalrath21

Capitolo 1:I mesi e I le stagioni

16 terms By SopwithCamus