Die Jahrezeit

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"Alles Lüge?" (Junior Gruppe)

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IB Words

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Heidelberg Uni Wortschatz

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Chapter 3: Vocab 3 (verbs)

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Chapter 3: Vocab 1 (rooms)

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Heidelberg vocab

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German IB SL Vocab 2.2

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German IB - Yr1 2.2

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Duggan IB German Vocab 1

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German Vocab WK. 4

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Kapitel IB: In der Schule, Wortschatz 2

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IB German 2-2

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Unit 1: Poverty and Famine

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IB Biology Chapter 9

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Good German essay phrases

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Article 7 vocab

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IB German 2-1

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German IB yr 1 - 2.1

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Chapter 2: Vocab 3

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Chapter 2: Vocab 2 (colors)

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Chapter 2: Vocab 1 (verbs)

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German IB Vocab WK. 3

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Der Ausländer

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Deutsch IB (Class of 2017)

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German Verb Conjugations

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German Grammar Test

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Chapter 1: Fragewörter

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Ursprung zum Oktoberfest: Am Anfang war die Hocheziet

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German IB Ab Inito Chapter 1

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German IB Vocab WK 2.

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German IB Vocabulary 1

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der Akku

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German IB Vocab first

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Jugendliche gehen ins Altenheim

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SL IB German Wortschatz 4

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Article 5 vocab

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Starke Verben

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Was ist los mit dir? (What's the matter with you?)

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Der Körper (The body)

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Time words

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Subordinating Conjunctions

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Coordinating Conjuctions

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Family Vocab German SL

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German IB Vocabulary WK 1.

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Chapter 1: Verbs (+personal pronouns)

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Good Bye Lenin

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Station Zwei: Munchen

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Ein Ausflug ( A trip)

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