Talk about activities

25 terms By apbarcenas Teacher

Nivel 2 5B to talk about the illness

26 terms By SraRamirezG Teacher

To talk about getting ready

50 terms By mzlearner

Talk about events

4 terms By apbarcenas Teacher

Talking about illness

21 terms By HerrSherry Teacher

Talk about Activities

17 terms By apbarcenas Teacher

5.3 Talking about illnesses

22 terms By OJBenjamin Teacher

Unidad 1 Lección 1 Talk About Activities

24 terms By rayola5 Teacher

Talking about weather

8 terms By Fukuda_Sensei Teacher

Spanish III - ¡Cuídate bien! Talking about physical illness - (16-29)

14 terms By Elaine_Bolyard

Talk About Chores and Responsibilities

14 terms By apbarcenas Teacher

iGCSE Kapitel 5 - Talking about illnesses

20 terms By Abingdongerman Teacher

To talk about places in a community

45 terms By mzlearner

Talk about fires

19 terms By pmageau Teacher

Health Idioms - Talking about Illnesses

5 terms By EO_Canada Teacher

Talk About How You Feel

9 terms By apbarcenas Teacher

Talk About Gifts

7 terms By apbarcenas Teacher

talking about physical appearance

42 terms By profzara Teacher

3 Offer Help & Talk About Chores pg. 19

36 terms By marixamarrero49 Teacher

Voc 5B - People: Talk about & Describe - p.90 (B)

18 terms By anthonyblanco Teacher

to talk about who might receive a gift/ to talk about buying or selling

7 terms By Steven_Aguayo Teacher

Talk About Sports

6 terms By apbarcenas Teacher

Talking about yesterday or last weekend 昨日または先週末の話

11 terms By silcteachers Teacher

To talk about your school day

23 terms By Steven_Aguayo Teacher

En espanol 3: Unidad 1 Etapa 2, Talk About Pastimes

11 terms By sghsgarcia Teacher

Edexcel GCSE Green Book Chapter 5 Health Talking about illnesses

16 terms By JMorrisTHS Teacher

Leçon 1B: talking about where you are from / numbers 10-20

44 terms By yourfrenchteacher Teacher

En la clase - to talk about the classroom

12 terms By srasagastume Teacher

To talk about food and beverages

22 terms By Steven_Aguayo Teacher

U3L1 Talk about food and Beverages

20 terms By senoralupita Teacher

Talking about Food

8 terms By silcteachers Teacher

Let's Cook! (Ch. 7B: To talk about foods)

17 terms By imolander Teacher

Leçon 3C: talking about prices

35 terms By yourfrenchteacher Teacher

Unidad 4 Lección 1 Talk About Shopping

12 terms By rayola5 Teacher

2B: To talk about classroom items

17 terms By laurapgarza Teacher

Leçon 2C: family members / talking about age

45 terms By yourfrenchteacher Teacher

Talking about how you feel

7 terms By montoyajai Teacher

Talk about Activities

33 terms By Adamsmar Teacher

5.2 Vocabulario - Talking about where you live

31 terms By Prof_T-Bake

Talking about companies (2)

10 terms By carldowse Teacher

SP1 - Tema 1 - PPI - Talking About People

13 terms By SrtaTorres1 Teacher

Talk About Activities

24 terms By sbanksridgeline Teacher

2.1.a, Talk about sporting events, equipment, and competitions

15 terms By mrscafferty Teacher

To talk about driving

49 terms By mzlearner

Talking about family affairs or events

10 terms By mwalsh22 Teacher

4 talk about

17 terms By bar_movement

Talk about Health and Illness

53 terms By lmwalsh10

Lesson 7-Talk about your likes and dislikes

38 terms By jmcazes1 Teacher

Basic Terms for Talking About Interpreting

13 terms By jrspencer Teacher

to talk about breakfast

10 terms By Steven_Aguayo Teacher