Business Result Upper-intermediate Unit 1 Words in Context

By csaba_szalai
25 terms by csaba_szalai

Business Result Intermediate Unit 1

By tebner
39 terms by tebner

Business Benchmark Pre-intermediate Unit 1

By tebner
29 terms by tebner

Business Benchmark Upper-int. Unit 7

By tebner
12 terms by tebner


16 terms by ArleneJBTEACHER

Business Benchmark Upper-int. Unit 9

By tebner
30 terms by tebner

Academic Word List 1 (with pictures)

By myersale
45 terms by myersale


13 terms by WFMSTEACHER


By rankinaTEACHER
12 terms by rankinaTEACHER

EAL A2: Irregular Verbs (Simple Past)

By myersale
80 terms by myersale


By shirlwTEACHER
43 terms by shirlwTEACHER

S1-T3>>100 PHRASAL VERBS with pictures- (2015.03.01)

By jcalpernTEACHER
100 terms by jcalpernTEACHER

High Life, Low Life vocabulary pages 6-40

By wendywalsh2TEACHER
71 terms by wendywalsh2TEACHER

General English: Past Simple & Past Participle of Irregular verb forms

By thistle99TEACHER
75 terms by thistle99TEACHER

Business Benchmark Upper-int. Unit 1

By tebner
31 terms by tebner

English - Synonyms

30 terms by jmrobTEACHER

Objective PET 8: Love and marriage

By MartaTornero
26 terms by MartaTornero

Business Benchmark Upper-int. Unit 2

By tebner
47 terms by tebner

Christmas Vocab. Adv.

By eflclassroom
18 terms by eflclassroom

ESL Conversation B2: 07 Communication (phone)

By thirzel
72 terms by thirzel


By patricia_machadoTEACHER
20 terms by patricia_machadoTEACHER

Present Simple + - ?

15 terms by kjoshTEACHER

Phrasal verbs 13 - 24

By deliaj123TEACHER
11 terms by deliaj123TEACHER

phrasal verbs

By woshixiaotankaTEACHER
43 terms by woshixiaotankaTEACHER


By eflclassroom
43 terms by eflclassroom

Irregular verbs

By Cheryl_BachaTEACHER
60 terms by Cheryl_BachaTEACHER

Phrasal verbs 25-36

By deliaj123TEACHER
12 terms by deliaj123TEACHER

Make/Do Business Collocations

By TimWarre
17 terms by TimWarre

Prepositions - in / at / on / by / to

By Mr_XopkinsTEACHER
185 terms by Mr_XopkinsTEACHER