-er/-ir verb conjugations

20 terms By llittle Teacher

ER/IR Verb Conjugations

6 terms By sranjohnson Teacher

IR Verbs Conjugation

120 terms By SenoraSwain Teacher

3/12/15 ~ Bell 5 ~ -ER/-IR verb conjugation practice

12 terms By sycamoresoto Teacher

ER/IR verb conjugations

20 terms By snistler Teacher

Spanish -er/-ir verbs conjugated

96 terms By LWFernandez Teacher

-ir verbs conjugations

36 terms By MadameByerly Teacher

Useful er and ir verb conjugations (irregular included)

105 terms By hfranco Teacher

-IR Verb Conjugation

6 terms By weimaraner

ER IR verb conjugation practice

39 terms By madamereynolds Teacher

-IR verbs conjugated

18 terms By beardchr Teacher

Spanish -ir verb conjugation

12 terms By LWFernandez Teacher

-ER and -IR Verb Conjugations Present Tense

39 terms By mfalconer Teacher

-ar,-er,-ir verb conjugations

63 terms By lisaraekraus Teacher

Chapter 5 -er and -ir verb conjugation practice

30 terms By SepulvedaY Teacher

AR, ER, IR verb conjugation

56 terms By lmrose Teacher


36 terms By kd_ncali4nia


40 terms By profehernandez Teacher

-IR verb conjugation

41 terms By Demaris_Kenwood Teacher

1A - Ch 3 Regular IR Verb Conjugations

20 terms By SraWendt Teacher

Practive verb conjugations for -ar, -er, and -ir verbs

31 terms By eblath Teacher

Regular -AR, -ER, -IR Verb Conjugations

30 terms By profesorabw Teacher

ER/IR verb conjugations

45 terms By MrRouse Teacher

Cap 4 verb conjugation -er/-ir verbs and irregular yo

30 terms By SenoraBrown Teacher

Verb Conjugations - Ar, Er, and Ir Verbs

21 terms By vankraus Teacher

Spanish 1 - Regular -ER/-IR Verbs Conjugated

63 terms By ashliekmiller Teacher

Spanish 1 -ER & -IR Verb Conjugations Practice

15 terms By taylorrutter Teacher

Unit 3 Lesson 1 -ER and -IR verb conjugation - Clase #1

35 terms By sycamoresoto Teacher

French Regular '-ir' Verb Conjugation

50 terms By madamedignon Teacher

Present Tense -AR/ER/IR Regular Verbs conjugation

55 terms By janiceribeiro Teacher

2015 Spanish I AR ER IR verb conjugations

80 terms By Troutman-Spanish Teacher

SP1 -ER / - IR verb conjugations

15 terms By CLHSsenoraL Teacher

Regular -IR verbs conjugation

26 terms By nathaliemcdermott Teacher

Regular ir verb conjugations

17 terms By SrVanFleet Teacher

ER and IR verbs (conjugated)

144 terms By Srahammen Teacher

ER & IR Verb Conjugations

22 terms By holasenoracahill Teacher

Promenades 7B regular -ir verb conjugation and meaning

48 terms By monsieurbingle Teacher

IR Verb Conjugations

46 terms By wmalone4 Teacher

1A -IR Verb Conjugation

50 terms By 1883Perry Teacher

Exam--Spanish -IR Verb Conjugation

6 terms By Johnsonaha Teacher

IR verb conjugations: El verbo "VIVIR"

12 terms By tristan_bodle Teacher

Spanish 2 - Preterit Tense - Regular ER/IR Verbs (Conjugated)

45 terms By ashliekmiller Teacher

-ir verb conjugations

12 terms By lmbenner Teacher


20 terms By Sra_Balsama Teacher

-IR Verb Conjugation Fun!

30 terms By monsieurridgeway Teacher

4C.2 _3 -er / -ir Verb Conjugations

30 terms By Mirca_Uhl Teacher

-IR Verb Conjugation (Daily Life Unit)

20 terms By penelopemiller Teacher

regular ir verb conjugation

10 terms By sruel Teacher

Present Tense -AR/ER/IR Regular Verbs conjugation

30 terms By senoraperry Teacher

-ir verb conjugations

23 terms By mmcgregor10 Teacher