Irregular adjectives

42 terms By eveline6 Teacher

U7 French Grammar - Irregular Adjectives

49 terms By abosch Teacher

Spanish adjectives Chapter 5

12 terms By spedteachers Teacher

Irregular Adjectives Comparative Form

10 terms By T_Sara_Calderon Teacher

Irregular Adjectives

24 terms By Deb_Wendt Teacher

Promenades irregular adjectives (Irregular) 3A

40 terms By monsieurbingle Teacher

Adjectives Chapter 5 שמות תואר יחידה

12 terms By atsanit Teacher

irregular adjectives

64 terms By mllenew Teacher

Irregular Adjectives

56 terms By polyglotnotebook

Quizlet 3: D'accord Unit 3A Irregular Adjectives P. 83

61 terms By MmeThomas Teacher

Chigwell Classics: GCSE Greek 3rd-declension & irregular adjectives and adverbs

57 terms By logodaedalus Teacher

D'accord 1 Leçon 3A and B Some irregular adjectives

95 terms By Rlopez457 Teacher

Irregular adjective forms

48 terms By MonsieurGirbert Teacher

Irregular Adjectives M/F

15 terms By MsJasper Teacher

Adjectives - 5- irregular adjectives masculine when they change into feminine

18 terms By vdupuy Teacher

Irregular adjectives

32 terms By jacobin89 Teacher

Promenades Unit 3 Irregular Adjectives MEANING

40 terms By monsieurbingle Teacher

Irregular Adjectives Chapter 34

18 terms By katiew892

Irregular Adjectives

25 terms By glinj Teacher

iiTomo 1 Chapter 5 Adjectives

9 terms By Hills-sensei Teacher

adjectives (Chapter 5)

7 terms By teddyfitzsimons Teacher

LNM Nouns and Adjectives Chapters 5 and 6

16 terms By gcurcio Teacher

Irregular Adjectives

58 terms By mlledouglass Teacher

Adjectives Chapter 5

46 terms By Paolercio

Adjectives - Chapter 5, Spanish

26 terms By isaac94

Irregular Adjectives

47 terms By mmeminor Teacher

Irregular adjectives - agreement singular

23 terms By scrannell Teacher

grammaire Irregular adjectives - agreement

25 terms By professeurolive Teacher

Bon Voyage - Chapitre 4 Structure (Irregular Adjectives)

35 terms By westers Teacher

Irregular Adjectives Beau, nouveau, vieux

27 terms By Deb_Wendt Teacher

irregular adjectives

30 terms By adjectives

Irregular Adjectives

14 terms By andiekaye Teacher

Irregular Adjectives

26 terms By LisaVandenHaak

Irregular adjectives - agreement

25 terms By scrannell Teacher

Spanish; adjectives (Chapter 5)

24 terms By adaun0616

irregular adjectives

15 terms By adjectives

Adjectives (Chapter 5)

28 terms By arlind_bytyqi

Chapter 5 Adjectives irregular

19 terms By solderr14

Irregular Adjectives

27 terms By lejordan Teacher

TLSOHIO SP MIN PRADO 021 - Chapter 5 (p. 58) Adjectives and Expressions

33 terms By tlsohio Teacher

irregular adjectives chapitre 7

4 terms By chrroche Teacher

Irregular Adjectives

16 terms By osullivanb Teacher

Chapter XXXIVb irregular adjectives

18 terms By tdegner Teacher

Irregular Adjectives

63 terms By shewitt16

Chapter XXXIV irregular adjectives

6 terms By tdegner Teacher

Adjectives Chapter 5

30 terms By fourtalleys

Spanish Adjectives Chapter 5

23 terms By hccarl01

U1 leçon 2 Irregular Adjectives

42 terms By MmeMagallanes Teacher

irregular preterite mix Spanish 2 chapter 5

60 terms By mmcmerty Teacher

Themen 2 Chapter 5 Adjectives, Adverbs

19 terms By silviafilomena Teacher