Irregular adjectives

42 terms By eveline6 Teacher

U7 French Grammar - Irregular Adjectives

49 terms By abosch Teacher

Spanish adjectives Chapter 5

12 terms By spedteachers Teacher

Irregular Adjectives

24 terms By Deb_Wendt Teacher

Promenades irregular adjectives (Irregular) 3A

40 terms By monsieurbingle Teacher

Adjectives Chapter 5 שמות תואר יחידה

12 terms By atsanit Teacher

irregular adjectives

64 terms By mllenew Teacher

Irregular Adjectives

56 terms By polyglotnotebook

Quizlet 3: D'accord Unit 3A Irregular Adjectives P. 83

61 terms By MmeThomas Teacher

Chigwell Classics: GCSE Greek 3rd-declension & irregular adjectives and adverbs

57 terms By logodaedalus Teacher

Irregular adjective forms

48 terms By MonsieurGirbert Teacher

D'accord 1 Leçon 3A and B Some irregular adjectives

95 terms By Rlopez457 Teacher

Irregular Adjectives M/F

15 terms By MsJasper Teacher

Adjectives - 5- irregular adjectives masculine when they change into feminine

18 terms By vdupuy Teacher

Irregular adjectives

32 terms By jacobin89 Teacher

Promenades Unit 3 Irregular Adjectives MEANING

40 terms By monsieurbingle Teacher

Irregular Adjectives Chapter 34

18 terms By katiew892

Irregular Adjectives

25 terms By glinj Teacher

adjectives (Chapter 5)

7 terms By teddyfitzsimons Teacher

LNM Nouns and Adjectives Chapters 5 and 6

16 terms By gcurcio Teacher

Irregular Adjectives

58 terms By mlledouglass Teacher

Adjectives Chapter 5

46 terms By Paolercio

grammaire Irregular adjectives - agreement

25 terms By professeurolive Teacher

Adjectives - Chapter 5, Spanish

26 terms By isaac94

Irregular Adjectives

47 terms By mmeminor Teacher

Irregular adjectives - agreement singular

23 terms By scrannell Teacher

Bon Voyage - Chapitre 4 Structure (Irregular Adjectives)

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Irregular Adjectives Beau, nouveau, vieux

27 terms By Deb_Wendt Teacher

irregular adjectives

30 terms By adjectives

Irregular Adjectives

14 terms By andiekaye Teacher

Irregular Adjectives

26 terms By LisaVandenHaak

Irregular adjectives - agreement

25 terms By scrannell Teacher

Spanish; adjectives (Chapter 5)

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irregular adjectives chapitre 7

4 terms By chrroche Teacher

irregular adjectives

15 terms By adjectives

Adjectives (Chapter 5)

28 terms By arlind_bytyqi

TLSOHIO SP MIN PRADO 021 - Chapter 5 (p. 58) Adjectives and Expressions

33 terms By tlsohio Teacher

Chapter 5 Adjectives irregular

19 terms By solderr14

Irregular Adjectives

27 terms By lejordan Teacher

Irregular Adjectives

16 terms By osullivanb Teacher

Chapter XXXIVb irregular adjectives

18 terms By tdegner Teacher

Irregular Adjectives

63 terms By shewitt16

Chapter XXXIV irregular adjectives

6 terms By tdegner Teacher

Adjectives Chapter 5

30 terms By fourtalleys

iiTomo 1 Chapter 5 Adjectives

9 terms By Hills-sensei Teacher

Spanish Adjectives Chapter 5

23 terms By hccarl01

U1 leçon 2 Irregular Adjectives

42 terms By MmeMagallanes Teacher

Themen 2 Chapter 5 Adjectives, Adverbs

19 terms By silviafilomena Teacher

irregular preterite mix Spanish 2 chapter 5

60 terms By mmcmerty Teacher

Adjectives - Chapter 5

15 terms By holland1945