Irregular Nouns - Singular & Plural

10 terms By katalingy Teacher

Singular/Plural Nouns? * Different endings; -s, -es, -ies, -ves.

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Irregular Nouns: Singular --> Plural

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Singular/ Plural irregular nouns

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Irregular nouns/singular and plural/

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Plurals - Irregular Nouns

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Nouns: Singular and Plural (p. 168)

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Irregular nouns ending in F

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Irregular nouns Singular to Plural

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Singular/Plural Nouns with Pictures Grade 3

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Singular and Plural Irregular Nouns

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P2 #3 Nouns - Singular / Plural

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plural nouns - singular nouns ending in o

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Quarter 2: Nouns- Singular and Plural

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singular/plural practice

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Italian Nouns: singular --> plural

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Nouns singular and plural

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German Nouns: singular and plural forms

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Irregular Noun Plurals

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Kapitel 7 nouns (singular-plural)

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Basic German Nouns (Singular/Plural)

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Singular/Plural Noun Rules

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Common Irregular Singular/Plural Nouns

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Irregular Nouns

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Stages 1 - 6 Nominative Nouns: Singulars and Plurals

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Nouns singular/plural

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Plurals - irregular nouns

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Nouns: Singular to Plural

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nouns singular & plural

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Latin I Midterm Nouns - singular to plural

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Arabic 2 end fem nouns singular to plural

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nouns (singular / plural)

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Grammar_Plurals - Irregular Nouns

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