Irregular past participles (avere) (Italian)

54 terms By Gianna_Manganelli

Italian Irregular Past Participles

35 terms By amgutter TEACHER

Spanish Regular and Irregular Past Participles

35 terms By jgovernali TEACHER

Irregular Past Participles (avere)

45 terms By Gregory_Fetter

Irregular Past Participles (Avere)

45 terms By Angelina_Mauriello

Italian Irregular/Regular Past Participles

40 terms By giana_harrington TEACHER

Irregular Past participles - avere

25 terms By eperetz18

Irregular Verbs Past Participle

79 terms By cidalni TEACHER

Irregular Past Participles (avere)

30 terms By will_thanapisitikul

Irregular past participles (avere)

19 terms By chloe_pressman

IRREGULAR VERBS( Present, past, past participle)

24 terms By activekids TEACHER

Italian 2, Irregular past participles avere

17 terms By FutureDoctor89

Past Simple & Past Participle of Irregular verb set #3

25 terms By reynaalonzo TEACHER

Irregular Past Participles AVERE

22 terms By SignoraPaxton

Irregular Past Participles-Avere

17 terms By avondancer12

Irregular Past Participles - Avere

20 terms By jack_calvert8

Irregular past participles Avere

20 terms By chuma1510

irregular past participles- avere-

16 terms By annabelcarrington

irregular past participles-AVERE

30 terms By cagoras

Ch. 6 - Irregular Past Participles (Avere)

17 terms By phillipschermer

Irregular Past Participles- AVERE

26 terms By sancheza16

SDC - Irregular Past Participles Avere and Essere

28 terms By Maria_Arezzolo TEACHER

Irregular past participles(Avere)

46 terms By William_Nicholson1

Irregular Past Participle (avere)

35 terms By Timothy_Blajsa

Irregular Past Participle(Avere)

50 terms By djgonnelli5727

Irregular past participles (avere)

42 terms By alliepedicini

Irregular past participles(avere)

46 terms By Brian_Gray4

Irregular past participles (avere)

48 terms By Ava_Amiano

irregular past participles (avere)

48 terms By Grace_Pitingolo

Irregular Past Participles (Avere)

51 terms By jordanmarie1012

Irregular Past Participles (avere)

47 terms By Katelyn_Knapp3

irregular past participles (avere)

52 terms By emoncada15

Irregular Past Participles (avere)

43 terms By devinmilligan

irregular past participles (avere)

66 terms By Gabrielle82