irregular verbs second test

By candolle15
17 terms by candolle15

Second Set of Irregular Verbs

By Benita_Williams
24 terms by Benita_Williams

Irregular verbs (second form)

By Vera_Karasjova
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irregular verbs second page

By degli77TEACHER
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Irregular Verbs (Second half)

By RaphaelKuehl
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Irregular Verbs in second 25

By Sunny_Yu
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Irregular verbs second

By busra_duman
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Second Ten Irregular Verbs

By Ohampers
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Second Irregular Verb

By megan_manson007
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Irregular verbs for second unit

By joshua_newman84
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Second 10 irregular verbs

By alex_heisler57
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irregular verbs (second column)

By chicagolanguagearts
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second irregular verbs set

By Christopher_Canter
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Irregular Verbs second part

By BacDan
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second set of irregular verbs

By madelinegrace3
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Irregular Verbs of the Second Group

By yuna_chung
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Irregular Verbs Second Test

By hannahbooth134
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irregular verbs/ second test

By petri_kovcs
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Irregular verbs class 2

By Elke_Pawlik
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Irregular Verbs - Class_I

By MsDana
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Irregular Verbs / D class

By UrsulaRoussou
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Irregular verbs/ Class 5

By kateryna_samoilenko
41 terms by kateryna_samoilenko

Irregular verbs - class 6

By Markus-SchuleTEACHER
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Irregular verbs class 7

By KlasLuedkeTEACHER
54 terms by KlasLuedkeTEACHER

Class 7 - Irregular verbs

By NGEnglish
29 terms by NGEnglish

Second class verbs e-ie

By AlliSheppard
13 terms by AlliSheppard

Stem Changing Verbs - Second Class

By hannahbrison19
12 terms by hannahbrison19

Second class stem-changing verbs

By Maya_Caringi
13 terms by Maya_Caringi

Second class stem changing verbs

By allimcc
27 terms by allimcc

Second plus third class verbs

By jcarp447
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irregular verbs conjugations second page

By Grace_Owen4
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Irregular Verb Table second 10

By alysha-amy
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Irregular verbs class 3

By Minerwa
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Irregular Class I Verbs

By Josh_Rudd
10 terms by Josh_Rudd

Second Half Frequent irregular verbs

By Grant_Drukker
24 terms by Grant_Drukker

Second Set of Irregular verbs in the preterite

By rlowe123
48 terms by rlowe123

Second Set of Irregular verbs in the preterite

By Makayla_Lane28
48 terms by Makayla_Lane28

Class 6. Irregular Verbs

By Alexia-Riotto
84 terms by Alexia-Riotto

Irregular verbs - first and second form

By Luis_Bevia
110 terms by Luis_Bevia

Second Set of Irregular verbs in the preterite

By emilystollings
48 terms by emilystollings

Irregular verbs naushas class

By ccooper2915
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Second Set of Irregular verbs in the preterite

By Izzy-McCale
48 terms by Izzy-McCale

Irregular verbs for class 6

By Azigazikiss
10 terms by Azigazikiss

CLASS - Irregular Preterite Verbs

By Rivers_Klein
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Irregular Verbs for Spanish Class

By maggie456
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Spanish Class Irregular Verbs

By Walker_Olsen
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Irregular verbs/classes/places

By Bellab55
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Second Class Stem-changing Verbs

By alexblumy
15 terms by alexblumy

Second Irregular Verb Quiz Combo

By harrypotterpi
18 terms by harrypotterpi

Second Set of Irregular verbs in the preterite

By Peters274898
48 terms by Peters274898