Future irregular stems

By Madame_BrowneTEACHER
21 terms by Madame_BrowneTEACHER

Irregular Future/Conditional Stems

By Madame_BrowneTEACHER
18 terms by Madame_BrowneTEACHER

Le conditionnel: irregular stems

By SASFrenchteacherTEACHER
13 terms by SASFrenchteacherTEACHER

French SHAPES - What shape is it ?

8 terms by FrenchFMSTEACHER

Future Irregular Stems

By Madame_BrowneTEACHER
20 terms by Madame_BrowneTEACHER

Stems Week 4 - 7th Grade

By RobinsonJP
12 terms by RobinsonJP

Francais Chapitre 4

By hingching
48 terms by hingching

Pink Sheet Imperfect Stems

By Madame_BrowneTEACHER
22 terms by Madame_BrowneTEACHER

Stems 4

By Bella0033
25 terms by Bella0033

Le futur simple- Irregular Stems

By jeannine-pentz
20 terms by jeannine-pentz

Chapitre 4 Vocabulaire 2 Stem Changing VERBS

By MmeSchmitzerTEACHER
14 terms by MmeSchmitzerTEACHER

L'heure en français (telling time in French)

By ProfhewlettTEACHER
28 terms by ProfhewlettTEACHER

French - future stems!

By Monsieur_JonesTEACHER
25 terms by Monsieur_JonesTEACHER

Le français en classe 4

By Dicky-Verheul
15 terms by Dicky-Verheul

Pirates Français Ch. 4

By boafrans
15 terms by boafrans

Pink sheet Irregular Subjunctive Stems

By Madame_BrowneTEACHER
20 terms by Madame_BrowneTEACHER

Stem List 4 Vocabulary

By mrschryslerTEACHER
30 terms by mrschryslerTEACHER

Stems 4:6-10 PreAP

By Michele_Curby
15 terms by Michele_Curby

Discovering French Rouge Unit 2 Partie 1

By MadameFisherTEACHER
64 terms by MadameFisherTEACHER

DF Bleu Unité 4 Leçon 9: First French Prepositions

By Madame_Cava
8 terms by Madame_Cava

Basic French conversation - Conversation de base en français

By ninaarTEACHER
55 terms by ninaarTEACHER

Stems Week 4

By emilyrhodes79TEACHER
12 terms by emilyrhodes79TEACHER

Stems Set 12

By Stephanie_Sharon3TEACHER
30 terms by Stephanie_Sharon3TEACHER

Future and Conditional Stems

By madamelhommeTEACHER
21 terms by madamelhommeTEACHER

Stems 4:21-25 PreAP

By Michele_Curby
15 terms by Michele_Curby

Bien Dit 3: Chapitre 4: Vocabulaire 2

By Gania_Harshbarger
34 terms by Gania_Harshbarger

Passe compose: etre

31 terms by CSHathawayTEACHER

Francais Interactif Chapitre 4

By marcetspahr
93 terms by marcetspahr

RHS - French 4 Discovering French Rouge, Unité 2 Partie 2

By Gania_Harshbarger
123 terms by Gania_Harshbarger

Combo with "Stem Cells" and 4 others

By Anne4283TEACHER
22 terms by Anne4283TEACHER

Bien Dit! 1 Ch. 4 Vocab 1

By madamefinckTEACHER
104 terms by madamefinckTEACHER

Stem-changing verbs: Vocabulario

By mfriasme
31 terms by mfriasme

Stem List 4

25 terms by JBLIV

Bien Dit 1 Chapitre 4.1

By pierceloriTEACHER
84 terms by pierceloriTEACHER

Ms Evans français 2 - en voyage, L2 - verbes

By evanswTEACHER
13 terms by evanswTEACHER

Combo with "Stem-and-Leaf Plots" and 4 others

By Shawn_Petitt
27 terms by Shawn_Petitt

Stems 4:11-15 PreAP

By Michele_Curby
15 terms by Michele_Curby

FR 2 - Leçon 9 - La nourriture

By LeydenFrenchTEACHER
44 terms by LeydenFrenchTEACHER

French Future Tense Irregular Stems

By kgrossoTEACHER
14 terms by kgrossoTEACHER

Les matières scolaires (School subjects)

By MmeLahlou
19 terms by MmeLahlou

KLMSMath6 - Stem and Leaf Plots

By Shawn_Petitt
12 terms by Shawn_Petitt

STEM Unit 3-Vocabulary

By shicks80
14 terms by shicks80

Bien Dit! 1 Ch. 4 Vocab 1

By madamelhommeTEACHER
83 terms by madamelhommeTEACHER

Ms Evans Français 3 + 4 - futur simple

By evanswTEACHER
27 terms by evanswTEACHER

Ms Evans français 2, en voyage L2, substantifs

By evanswTEACHER
31 terms by evanswTEACHER

French Classroom Objects and School Supplies

By pmass
42 terms by pmass