Basic Italian food

27 terms By Tania_Abbrugiati8 Teacher

Italian numbers 0-20

21 terms By Mrsironside Teacher

Italian Colors

11 terms By jsaives13 Teacher


41 terms By Diana_Zaretsky Teacher

Italian Health and Illness

69 terms By abpamies Teacher

Italian food unit

89 terms By mrsquinnatjfk Teacher

Italian Prego Chapter 1

122 terms By Michaelay1 Teacher


83 terms By caroline_mattox7

Italian Adjectives

37 terms By nicmatros Teacher

DuoLingo Italian Foods

73 terms By iambriam

Italian numbers 0-31

33 terms By jsaives13 Teacher


24 terms By karyn_a_ott Teacher

Italian days of the week months of the year

25 terms By mrsquinnatjfk Teacher

italian words phrases

56 terms By jeffbuchanan59 Teacher

Italian Colors Vocabulary 1

11 terms By MirandaAnzaldi

Italian 1

24 terms By superspina Teacher

Italian-Family Members

30 terms By mrsquinnatjfk Teacher


141 terms By chloe_pressman

Beginners Italian 1 HD

33 terms By helen73


22 terms By sd63teach Teacher

Italian Adjectives - People and Personality

94 terms By amgutter Teacher

Rick Steve's Essential Italian Phrases

31 terms By senorfawcett Teacher

74 Most Common Italian Verbs

74 terms By jkraus4

Vegetables in Italian (Verdure)

38 terms By sinemnaylor

DuoLingo Italian Basic Verbs

11 terms By iambriam

Italian Prepositions - when to use which

25 terms By giana_harrington Teacher

Basic Italian Verbs

64 terms By k_rosenthal

200 Italian Verbs (Part 2)

45 terms By learner1001

200 Italian Verb (Part 1)

49 terms By learner1001

200 Italian Verbs (part 3)

45 terms By learner1001

Italian: verbs w direct object

39 terms By sperhabb

200 Italian Verbs (Part 4)

67 terms By learner1001


109 terms By wynterreven


25 terms By anikatownley


126 terms By wakeboardsam91

Italian- Clothing

51 terms By acafferty66


299 terms By 7386779704


117 terms By Eric_Laycock


149 terms By josh_suhey

Italian numbers 1-60

60 terms By mgarlock Teacher

Italian Numbers 1-100

38 terms By SignorinaT Teacher

Italian Grammar: Future Tense

34 terms By amythompsonsumner

Italian Greetings

14 terms By mrs_buchter

Italian Basic Phrases (Vocabulary)

70 terms By fredz0003 Teacher


165 terms By jcostelloo

Numbers in Italian (I numeri in Italiano)

30 terms By sinemnaylor

Italian Body Parts

44 terms By Shortpersonnumber36


5 terms By Eronda144