DuoLingo Italian Foods

73 terms By iambriam

Vegetables in Italian (Verdure)

38 terms By sinemnaylor Teacher

Basic Italian food

27 terms By Tania_Abbrugiati8 Teacher

Numbers in Italian (I numeri in Italiano)

30 terms By sinemnaylor Teacher

Italian food unit

89 terms By mrsquinnatjfk Teacher


41 terms By Diana_Zaretsky Teacher

DuoLingo Italian Basic Verbs

11 terms By iambriam

Italian adjectives - physical

24 terms By signorknight Teacher

Basic Phrases (Frasi di Base) in Italian

17 terms By sinemnaylor Teacher

Colors in Italian (Colori in Italiano)

12 terms By sinemnaylor Teacher

Italian-Family Members

30 terms By mrsquinnatjfk Teacher

Italian Prego Chapter 1

122 terms By Michaelay1 Teacher

Colloquial Italian, Unit 8, part 1

54 terms By montgomerylatin Teacher

TY Complete Italian chapter 1

45 terms By bsbdesja

Beginners Italian 1 HD

33 terms By helen73

Fruits in Italian (Frutta)

31 terms By sinemnaylor Teacher

Italian- Numbers and months

44 terms By charris15

Question Words in Italian

28 terms By sinemnaylor Teacher

Italian Adjectives

37 terms By nicmatros Teacher

Italian Clothing

24 terms By vwatters

Basic Italian Verbs

64 terms By k_rosenthal

Italian 1 VERBS

33 terms By nickyr

200 Italian Verbs (Part 2)

45 terms By learner1001

200 Italian Verbs (part 3)

45 terms By learner1001

200 Italian Verb (Part 1)

49 terms By learner1001

Italian Months, Days and Seasons

23 terms By lwright3 Teacher

Italian: Seasons

5 terms By rachelb1998

Italian Body Parts

44 terms By Shortpersonnumber36

Ciao! Italian Adverbs

26 terms By k_rosenthal

Italian: verbs w direct object

39 terms By sperhabb

Ciao! Family Vocabulary- Italian

32 terms By k_rosenthal

200 Italian Verbs (Part 4)

67 terms By learner1001


109 terms By wynterreven

Ciao! Capitolo Tre - Italian

105 terms By k_rosenthal

Italian body parts

22 terms By dardarthvader

Ciao! Food Vocabulary- Italian

110 terms By k_rosenthal


189 terms By lrueda1

Common Italian Verbs

209 terms By jimbo65

Italian House Vocabulary

21 terms By svcarney

Italian Greetings & Salutations & Titles

24 terms By signoramarrero Teacher

Italian Food, Food Terms

41 terms By listmaker89


106 terms By Samantha_McCarrick


165 terms By jcostelloo

Important Number Words-Italian

33 terms By k_rosenthal

Gerunds and Past Participle of Irregular Italian Verbs

12 terms By blasler

Garino Italian Verbs (90 most used)

90 terms By garym55

Italian--Prego Ch 1

111 terms By booklvr630

Starter Words For Italian Beginners

40 terms By Seeker1999

Italian Vocab. Emotions and appearance

105 terms By davran

Italian Animals

62 terms By reddyvideo