Items found in Japanese Houses

10 terms By PaulineSmith5 Teacher

Year 6 Japanese Term 4: Japanese Housing (romaji)

15 terms By MsKK Teacher

Basic Japanese: House and School Colours

7 terms By MsKK Teacher

Japanese house - rooms

17 terms By cainsensei

Unit 2: Japanese house

113 terms By yumikomuneishi Teacher

Japanese Houses

8 terms By ESA_Japanese

GOA Japanese house vocabulary

12 terms By Anderson-sensei

Japanese Houses Kanji - Japanese 7-8

48 terms By watsonsensei

Japanese HD 8thG Japanese house

8 terms By Kobayashi_sensei

Japanese house

43 terms By aurora200731

日本の家・ Japanese house

23 terms By japaneselanguageclub Teacher

Japanese Housing

33 terms By ycameron

Items in a Japanese house

8 terms By Mrs__Porter

Japanese house items

69 terms By Kiuchi

japanese house

46 terms By chichirisanda

Japanese - House room vocab

78 terms By RaynaPrycePGHS Teacher

japanese house

50 terms By YashaRO

Unit 2: Japanese house item vocabulary

60 terms By Kruysmulder Teacher

Rooms in a Japanese house

10 terms By tomisensei Teacher

Japanese House Vocab

26 terms By klinee101

Japanese House

45 terms By katekmiller

Japanese: house words

20 terms By aliciahadley

inside japanese house

21 terms By amaya-aw350me

The Japanese House

9 terms By ChrisPa

Japanese house - traditional and modern

23 terms By Mai80 Teacher

Japanese house vocab

28 terms By flaminglucy

Year 9 Japanese House Vocabulary 2014

54 terms By Lanesensei

Japanese Houses Unit

92 terms By cressida0498

Chapter 4: Japanese House

47 terms By Kera3

Japanese House

37 terms By ikantspel9

Japanese House

47 terms By Victor_Chiu

Japanese Houses and Family Members

31 terms By nichollssensei

Japanese house stuff part 1

35 terms By Shio000

Japanese House Vocab

26 terms By shinyyoojin

Japanese Houses Tango

90 terms By Danielle_Garcia2

Japanese Housing

16 terms By barbersensei

Japanese Housing and Furniture

28 terms By birdkimip

Japanese House Vocab

15 terms By Yarglesbo

Japanese- House- Words

29 terms By Ally6429

Japanese houses - items and places

26 terms By aribandosensei

The Japanese house

13 terms By starofthesea

Japanese House

22 terms By Spud

Japanese: house hold items

33 terms By CarbonMail

Japanese "house" Vocabulary

22 terms By FortuneTeller

Japanese housing

18 terms By zanyzebra1

Japanese Houses Vocab AP

106 terms By watsonsensei

Japanese house

27 terms By aalberola

Japanese House Unit: Rooms

6 terms By vuonghan000

Japanese Housing

23 terms By amzy1999

Japanese Housing conditions

35 terms By lily_hermosa