Genki Unit 3 (Adjectives, Adverbs, & Expressions)

11 terms By mrbateskcis Teacher

Genki 1 Lesson 11 Vocab-Nouns, adverbs, expressions

31 terms By kyodiru

L7 Vocab Nouns/adverbs+expressions

36 terms By janant07

Esp III, Cap 2, Lec 3: La ciudad--#1--people, directions, nouns, adverbs, adjectives

19 terms By cbrewer-coon Teacher

Japanese 212: Lesson 17 Nouns, Adverbs, Other Expressions and Reading Vocabulary

43 terms By JanineI

Lesson 3 Japanese Nouns, Adverbs, and Adjectives

32 terms By TylaBug94

Japanese Adverbs (expressing time)

40 terms By midori33

Lesson 17 Vocabulary: Nouns, Adverbs and Other Expressions

37 terms By heidem22

Japanese Lesson 13 Nouns/Adverbs/Other Expressions

15 terms By PR0T0C0L13

L9 単語 [Nouns, Adverbs & Other Expressions, Numbers (used to count small items)]

33 terms By janant07

Genki 2: Ch. 16 Nouns, Adverbs, Other expressions

26 terms By nutellaman

L10 単語 (Nouns+Adverbs & Other Expressions)

44 terms By janant07

Japanese Nouns, Adverbs, and Other Expressions 148-149

25 terms By eli_magers

Japanese Vocab pg 87: U-verbs,Ru-verbs,Irregular Verbs,Adjectives,Adverbs,Expressions

24 terms By Reverent

Genki Chapter 19 Nouns, Adjectives, Adverbs, Expressions

28 terms By tito808

Japanese Lesson 12 Nouns/Adverbs/Other Expressions

17 terms By PR0T0C0L13

Spanish Vocabulary (nouns, adjectives, adverbs, expressions)

33 terms By jared_robert_allen

Japanese 213: Lesson 21 Nouns, Adverbs, Other Expressions, and Reading Words

34 terms By JanineI

Japanese 2 Vocab 2 Nouns and Adverbs + expressions

31 terms By Tokitsukaze

Chapter 15 Nouns/Adverbs/Expressions

31 terms By Lexxbaker

Japanese Vocab pg 94-95 (Nouns, Adverbs and Expressions)

29 terms By stewarthoffmann

Japanese 213: Lesson 23 Nouns, Adverbs, Other Expressions and Reading Words

37 terms By JanineI

Genki I, Chapter 3, Adjectives, Adverbs, & Expressions

11 terms By jjj03002

Lesson 9: Nouns, Adverbs & Other Expressions, Numbers

33 terms By tenouh

Miscellaneous Vocabulary: Adjectives, Adverbs, Expressions

18 terms By phaydar Teacher

Chapter 7: Nouns & Adverbs and Other Expressions

29 terms By timocow

nouns, verbs, adverbs, expressions 130-131

30 terms By GGenova

p.130-131 Nouns, Adverbs, and Other Expressions

25 terms By katmarkuz

Japanese 212: Lesson 20 Nouns, Adverbs, Other Expressions, and Reading Words

41 terms By JanineI

Japanese 212: Lesson 18 Nouns, Adverbs, Other Expressions, and Reading Words

31 terms By JanineI

Japanese Vocab pg 136-137 Nouns, Adverbs and Expressions

25 terms By stewarthoffmann

Athenaze Book 1 Lesson 5 a & b: Prepositions, Adverbs, Expressions, and Intensive Adjectives &am…

11 terms By RManchester

Vocab 18 Nouns, Adverbs, and Expressions

29 terms By gotmusubi17

Japanese 212: Lesson 19 Nouns, Adverbs, Other Expressions, and Reading Words

31 terms By JanineI

Lesson 16: Other Phrases and Expressions & Adjectives and Adverbs

15 terms By MoHSrocks7

Chap 19 Nouns, Adverbs, Expressions

25 terms By jennisoa

L6 Adjectives, Adverbs, Expressions

11 terms By utcelementaryjapanese

JPN Ch. 6 vocabulary (adjectives, adverbs, expressions)

21 terms By torrecampo

JPNS3010 Nouns, Adverbs, & Other Expressions

111 terms By hoppinghippo

Japanese Adverbs & Expressions

48 terms By drexracer

Japanese Adverbs (expressing circumstance)

44 terms By midori33

Japanese L.3 Vocabulary--Adjectives, Adverbs, & Expressions

10 terms By kbuchanan323

Chapter 22 Nouns/Adverbs and Other Expressions

31 terms By PeasToThePeople

U/ Ru/ Irregular Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs, Expressions

24 terms By ObsterXInfinite

Japanese 113 Section 11 Nouns/Adverbs/Other

35 terms By jasper28

Genki 2nd Ed L20 (Nouns, Adverbs and other Expressions)

56 terms By Programpro

japanese nouns and i adjectives

29 terms By kelderm2

21 Nouns, Adverbs, and other Expressions

25 terms By PeasToThePeople

Japanese Vocab L5-1 Nouns & adverbs

25 terms By nickcioffi1

Japanese Vocab (Nouns, Adverbs, Verbs)

101 terms By Eric_McAllister