MASSIVE Vocabulary... Japanese 1

246 terms By Colpan Teacher

Colors in japanese

11 terms By chocolatemuffinz

Fruits in japanese!

10 terms By chocolatemuffinz


40 terms By victoriaiacobelli

Japanese Colors and Shapes

15 terms By rubidiumm Teacher


33 terms By harley2323

0.7 Nonaka sensei's Basic Japanese nouns

214 terms By mrmonaka Teacher

Basic Japanese vocabulary (romanji)

111 terms By mpanhuijsen

Japanese Counting words

11 terms By rubidiumm Teacher

Japanese Verbs

83 terms By Ewjout

Japanese Grammar "Short Form"

14 terms By shadownived

Japanese Location Words

9 terms By rubidiumm Teacher


84 terms By adaf42q3t

Animals in Japanese (romaji)

39 terms By CareySensei Teacher

Adventures in Japanese 1 lesson 10

57 terms By msjapanese Teacher

Japanese Names

18 terms By Bachmann Teacher


48 terms By Akuma_Hagiri

My Family Japanese Romaji

14 terms By mrrichard Teacher

Days: English <> Japanese (romaji)

7 terms By LunaTeacher Teacher

School Subjects: かもく - Japanese

14 terms By rubidiumm Teacher


4 terms By MrMackenzieSmith Teacher

Basic Japanese Particles

5 terms By AmaAkar

IB Japanese ab initio Vocabulary (English-Japanese)

1,497 terms By mrbateskcis Teacher


33 terms By andy199er

Japanese Lesson One

83 terms By Simplicality


17 terms By melanie_williams87 Teacher

PhraseBot Japanese Sentences

647 terms By PhraseBot Teacher

Japanese katakana/hiragana and pictures

31 terms By Megan_McCLenathan


215 terms By cvigil_83

JAPANESE Hiragana + Katakana

102 terms By FeenixDOWN


20 terms By krislynnpeters


9 terms By meliagutierrez


40 terms By v8807426


19 terms By kwokwingsit Teacher

Basic Japanese Phrases (Romanji)

18 terms By dragonlleung