Japanese Counting words

11 terms By rubidiumm Teacher

JAPANESE Hiragana + Katakana

102 terms By FeenixDOWN

Japanese Adjectives

58 terms By missmarie119


215 terms By cvigil_83

Japanese (Hiragana)

71 terms By icecat

Adventures in Japanese 1 Ch 1

96 terms By MISAWASENSEI Teacher

Learning Japanese - Greetings & Farewells

9 terms By bourassa Teacher

Japanese Characters

104 terms By trevort19

Animals in Japanese (romaji)

39 terms By CareySensei Teacher

Basic Japanese vocabulary (romanji)

111 terms By mpanhuijsen

Japanese Adjectives 1 (JFYP)

60 terms By Indiana_Brown

Japanese Romaji practice

74 terms By jayce_lee

Basic Japanese Verbs

22 terms By Alex_m11

Japanese Colors

16 terms By Celletto13

Japanese Animals

25 terms By gambattekudasai


40 terms By victoriaiacobelli

Adventures in Japanese 1 lesson 10

57 terms By msjapanese Teacher

Japanese Katakana Alphabet A-N

71 terms By aerisaxia

Japanese Genki Vocab 2

57 terms By evanelement

Telling the Time (Japanese-English)

22 terms By TheLanguageProfessor Teacher

Japanese Alphabet - Katakana (Entire)

113 terms By kiwiblaster516

Japanese Alphabet - Hiragana (Entire)

113 terms By kiwiblaster516

Basic Japanese Phrases (Romanji)

18 terms By dragonlleung

Adventures in Japanese 2: Chapter 3

43 terms By Kylerjai Teacher

Japanese Hiragana

46 terms By MissPitts

Learning Japanese Lesson 1-2

30 terms By lkbuster

Describing Self and Others (Japanese-English)

29 terms By TheLanguageProfessor Teacher

Japanese Animals (Romaji)

40 terms By Zachintosh

Japanese Radicals

233 terms By smettems

Japanese 1 Useful Phrases

38 terms By BronzeLion

HD Japanese Sushi(iroiro)

8 terms By Kobayashi_sensei

Japanese Hiragana

108 terms By sakuracha7

MASSIVE Vocabulary... Japanese 1

246 terms By Colpan Teacher

Japanese (Ru) Verbs

5 terms By Gardehnia

Japanese Hiragana

46 terms By AALC Teacher

Useful Japanese Phrases


Days: English <> Japanese (romaji)

7 terms By LunaTeacher Teacher