French Verb Quiz - Participes Présents

81 terms By MissBertholle TEACHER

HKMS Exploratory French verbs

17 terms By msharington TEACHER

French verbs followed by the preposiiton "de"

29 terms By GeoffStarron TEACHER

French verbs

19 terms By Sarah_Gullixson1

French Verbs

42 terms By Life_

French verbs present level 1

40 terms By Mr-Remy TEACHER

Irregular French Verbs

50 terms By MorghenHearsAWho

Kaiser Bleu Leçon 5: Mes activités

47 terms By MmeKaiser TEACHER

French Verbs

22 terms By Arya_Nalluri

Irregular French Verbs (RN)

34 terms By cavalier

French verb conjugations

47 terms By iloveturtles3

French Verbs-Regular(1)

39 terms By jessfoundwonder

DEVOIR French verb TO HAVE TO present tense

10 terms By cbasiniguy TEACHER

French Verbs - Passé Composé with Avoir & Être

60 terms By MadameBlanche TEACHER

French verbs 1.7, 1.8, 1.9

23 terms By Tonantzin2

French Verbs for Finals

36 terms By chaselaski

681 French Verbs (7/7)

81 terms By PolkaDottedPenguin

French Verbs - Regular -er

47 terms By OliG3

French Verbs ER

27 terms By Grant1637

French verbs (A-F)

41 terms By averygh

French Verb Conjugation: Devoir

40 terms By banabe

French Verbs (regular) #1

52 terms By karli_wilson

French verb practise 2 feb 2016

39 terms By adamstubbings

Important French Verbs

25 terms By whitaker_reed

French Verb Quiz

21 terms By HannahLikesToWrite

French verbs 1-3.5

82 terms By AnnieGosserand

French Verbs: Set 4

38 terms By mmarshall12

French Verbs Review #1

36 terms By Lamb2

French Verbs followed by à

48 terms By bhagwad

ER French Verbs

65 terms By zihuang

French verbs on exam

31 terms By sandraleadawson

French Verbs

42 terms By jensena

French verb conjugations

28 terms By SAS_

French Verb Construction with à, de

52 terms By leoottawa

Common French Verbs

21 terms By stocklmeirpanda

French verbs (infinitives)

16 terms By sadie_olson9

French Verbs: To be, have, love, go

32 terms By CariSmile

French Verbs

136 terms By dianajro

Kaiser Bleu Leçon 1A-B 2013-14

52 terms By MmeKaiser TEACHER