Kiswahili Language

By CEvers7
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Learn Swahili (Kiswahili)

By bbqla19
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The Swahili Alphabet -- Alfabeti ya Kiswahili

By kvessels
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Swahili proverbs (Methali za Kiswahili)

By thejibbilies
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Kiswahili Swahili KU Lesson 52 States of Being

By dkeith95
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Chapter 17 - Hinnebusch & Mirza Swahili Kiswahili

By silbermanlaw
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Kiswahili (language) vocabulary

By thepurpleflamigo
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Kiswahili Nouns: Languages and Nations

By jarmitag
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Swahili - language difficulties

By jrwoskov
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Living Language Swahili Lesson 1

By justinso123
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Swahili-Living Language Chap 1

By Riosj0
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Swahili Living language lesson 1

By mmtlanguage
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Swahili Winter 2015 - Language Notes

By elsa_m_carlson
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By AveRichard
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Living Language Swahili Lesson 2

By justinso123
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Swahili Quiz 3- Nationalities and Languages

By Rmm107
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Swahili Quiz 3 Nationalities and Languages

By peter_conley9
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Swahili language for beginners who want to know.

By awfaulh
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By Mwalimu_Sarah
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By jaimsym
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Swahili Chapter 9

By Leah_Vaughn
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By believeorbust89
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Swahili Chapter 6

By Leah_Vaughn
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Colours in Kiswahili

By claire_h_moisan
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Swahili Chapter 8

By Leah_Vaughn
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By jam4freezTEACHER
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By layla_sawyer9
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Swahili Numbers

By mfconlay
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Anatomy (Medical Kiswahili)

By KLeighMasso
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Swahili greetings

By learnswahili
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Swahili Numbers

By jaimsym
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Parts of the Body in Kiswahili

By claire_h_moisan
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Swahili Travelling 3

By mlunjwireTEACHER
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Swahili Travelling 4

By mlunjwireTEACHER
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Medical Personnel (Medical Kiswahili)

By KLeighMasso
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Farewell (Medical Kiswahili)

By KLeighMasso
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Common Phrases (Medical Kiswahili)

By KLeighMasso
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Swahili Travel Vocabulary

By claire_h_moisan
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Swahili Travelling 6

By mlunjwireTEACHER
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Religious (Medical Kiswahili)

By KLeighMasso
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Circumcision (Medical Kiswahili)

By KLeighMasso
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Diseases (Medical Kiswahili)

By KLeighMasso
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Swahili Verbs 1

By dianhouzi
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Subjects in Kiswahili

By claire_h_moisan
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Brackenhurst Medical 2 (Kiswahili Medical)

By KLeighMasso
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Trauma (Medical Kiswahili)

By KLeighMasso
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Brackenhurst Medical Terms (Kiswahili Medical)

By KLeighMasso
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Random (Kiswahili Medical)

By KLeighMasso
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Treatment/Recommendations (Medical Kiswahili)

By KLeighMasso
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History Taking (Medical Kiswahili)

By KLeighMasso
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