6000 Korean Words - 1/4

By Eric_Hartline
895 terms by Eric_Hartline

Korean for the Trip

By miniace7
67 terms by miniace7

Korean Lesson-2 for Diplomats

By Susie_Husar
74 terms by Susie_Husar

Lesson 5 vocabulary

By clarissa_aragon
23 terms by clarissa_aragon

Chapter 1 Vocab

By Chris_Kamp
33 terms by Chris_Kamp


By bonnieonbass
8 terms by bonnieonbass

6000 Korean Words - 1/4

By Eric_Hartline
895 terms by Eric_Hartline

People and places

By Adam_Schefflan
22 terms by Adam_Schefflan

Level 1-B Unit 9 - 잘해요

By zaynab_al-hakim
17 terms by zaynab_al-hakim

chapter 2

By killapika
39 terms by killapika

top Korean phrases to learn

By victorialobelloyyqx
16 terms by victorialobelloyyqx

TOPIK Day 07

By t-hype
20 terms by t-hype


By pyt93
41 terms by pyt93

Chapter 2

By x3lynnie
39 terms by x3lynnie

TOPIK Day 05

By t-hype
20 terms by t-hype

Chapter 2 Vocabulary (Nouns)

By maritzar22
26 terms by maritzar22

My korean

By zeytalis
61 terms by zeytalis

1과 인사 (Greetings)

By Isabelle_Leonard
53 terms by Isabelle_Leonard

TOPIK Day 06

By t-hype
20 terms by t-hype

Korean Basics

By EimileAine
101 terms by EimileAine

Countries, Languages, and People

By blackmagic44
36 terms by blackmagic44

Phrases 2

By crayolamaster657
12 terms by crayolamaster657

Common Phrases

By Bang_Min
21 terms by Bang_Min


By woodrowtl
11 terms by woodrowtl

TOPIK Day 04

By t-hype
20 terms by t-hype

TOPIK Day 03

By t-hype
20 terms by t-hype

Conversation Korean

By Kemi_Komolafe
71 terms by Kemi_Komolafe

Korean- important sayings

By knashhville
34 terms by knashhville


By claire_simon4
374 terms by claire_simon4

Korean Phrases

By LiamMarckx
50 terms by LiamMarckx


40 terms by DFGN


By iwons
25 terms by iwons

단어 5

By hanwoori
25 terms by hanwoori

Lesson 5 한국

By ryan_koski
30 terms by ryan_koski

lolz korean men make me smile :^)

By RomanoHattington
219 terms by RomanoHattington

Korean vocab for Chris

By Frenchey
67 terms by Frenchey

5-1 unit 1 lesson 3 sentences

By sookyoung_chiTEACHER
20 terms by sookyoung_chiTEACHER

🔷🔶 Chapters 15 & 1 vocabulary

By mcorralesh3
39 terms by mcorralesh3

Korean Travel Phrases

By MBG121
40 terms by MBG121

Korean 1

By StarzLax30
433 terms by StarzLax30

Integrated Korean Beginning 1 Vocab L1-L8

By anmcnulty
362 terms by anmcnulty

18과: 야구를 좋아허세요 ?

By quizlette535529
23 terms by quizlette535529

Level 01 - 18과

By VictorRengnez
26 terms by VictorRengnez

Chapter 5

By JakobMinell
90 terms by JakobMinell

Korean 101 ㅋ, ㅌ, ㅍ, ㅎ

By rachelcobb
48 terms by rachelcobb

R.Easy Korean Sentences 14

By nateriverxd
44 terms by nateriverxd

Elementary Korean 8

By aarmatas7
241 terms by aarmatas7

Greeting Someone For The First Time (외국인이세요?)

By maritzar22
21 terms by maritzar22

beginner korean

By girls_day_hyeri
36 terms by girls_day_hyeri


By inyati
40 terms by inyati