Third Set - Basic Korean Verbs

100 terms By dms727

First Set - Basic Korean Verbs

98 terms By dms727

Top 100 Korean Verbs - Past Tense (Part 2 of 2)

50 terms By tammyshin Teacher

Korean Alphabet - Pronunciation

40 terms By Ryskie

Korean - Fruit Names

31 terms By Jose_Ramirez38

Korean: one sentence a day

19 terms By sirikul Teacher


97 terms By anglvue

Korean Adjectives

46 terms By AdamFWhite

Korean Animals

17 terms By leeteuks_angel


24 terms By xiong2shi1_2014 Teacher

Korean Body Parts

24 terms By margaret_cartwright

Korean Vocabulary to Learn (1-100)

100 terms By whimsyandglee

Basic Korean - Unit 3

34 terms By Jonathan_Phillips4 Teacher


150 terms By justin_okamoto

Speaking Korean 3

39 terms By Jeff23

Integrated Korean 3 과 Vocabulary

61 terms By nartotics

Korean, introduce oneself

11 terms By sirikul Teacher

Korean Basic Conversation

17 terms By Christina_Choi1

Korean Colors (Basic)

16 terms By waygook

Speaking Korean 2

28 terms By Jeff23

Integrated Korean(Beginning 1, Klear) - Lesson 1

78 terms By BeautifulJiyoung Teacher

Native Korean Numbers

27 terms By han_minah


146 terms By DucCTU Teacher

Korean Adjectives

38 terms By justin_okamoto

Korean Alphabet

40 terms By Ewjout

Korean Alphabet

40 terms By tanfangyuan


20 terms By Angie_Camacho11

Korean Hangul

33 terms By sakuracha7

Korean Alphabet Consonants

14 terms By polyglot124

Korean Alphabet

18 terms By jessica_thai

Sogang Korean 1A:6

45 terms By matthew_mccracken

Korean Adjectives 1-50

50 terms By bronick2882

Sogang Korean 1B:4

43 terms By matthew_mccracken

Sogang Korean 1A:3

46 terms By matthew_mccracken

Sogang Korean 1B:8

44 terms By matthew_mccracken

Sogang Korean 1B:2

47 terms By matthew_mccracken

Korean: Food and Eating

62 terms By okaymegan

Basic Korean Words

51 terms By Hangugineulsaranghaeyo