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Kurdish Class 4

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Kurdish Numbers 1-20

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Kurdish sentences

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Advanced: Kurdish Issues

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Islamic World Hist: Geography & Language

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Middle East Cultures

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Vocabulary with k, c, and qu

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Different Languages Template

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AP human geography language/language family review

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Unit 1 SW Asia Culture 1b (Gantt)

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Hello A-Z Different Languages

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Language Families

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Indo-European Language Families

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Romani Language Family

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Arabs, Persians, and Kurds

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Language Families and Branches

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Arabs, Persians, and Kurds

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Middle East Capitals and Languages

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Language Regions

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Unit 1: Empires

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Middle East: languages

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Language and Language families

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N Africa and SW Asia Vocabulary from "Background" reading

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SS7G8 Ethnic Groups and Religions of Southwest Asia

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ethnic group study guide

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Language tree

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SS7G8ab Southwest Asia Ethnic Groups

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Language Families

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Language Families

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Language Families

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Lesson 09 Vocabulary

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Chapter 18 ( SW Asia Test Review)

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fancher123 ME Culture Review

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Language Matching

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Language Map

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Chapter 5: Language Review

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chapter 5: language families

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