Foli - Root Words

10 terms By edaywulff Teacher

Greek & Latin Roots

41 terms By goldensr Teacher

Greet/Latin Roots: miss, mit=send

10 terms By hrmickie Teacher

AP English Literature Poetic Devices

62 terms By emerald_bosque

Greek and Latin Roots

20 terms By MrP6C Teacher

greek and latin roots for language arts

19 terms By Ann_Willias

Greek & Latin Root Words

107 terms By HCHSFBLAReed

English Latin Roots

88 terms By k-r-c-1-2-3

Greek/Latin root "jur, jus, jud" = law, justice

10 terms By hrmickie Teacher

RMS Latin Roots Unit 7

25 terms By mshbaker Teacher

Advanced Latin Roots 4-6 Review

42 terms By mshbaker Teacher

Biology Greek and Latin Root Words

115 terms By ceizmendi Teacher

Elements of Literature

14 terms By dennitamiskimen

Latin Root Words Set 5

20 terms By jules_63 Teacher

Greek and Latin Roots- Math

18 terms By Weeboob

Greek and Latin Roots 1

19 terms By Rkmatthew Teacher

Freshman Greek and Latin Roots

60 terms By stargirl345

Greek or Latin Root Words 18-33

16 terms By cinachapman

Greek and Latin Roots: man, manu=hand

10 terms By ssmith9815 Teacher

Vocab & Roots Tubman Story

14 terms By mmartinez2teach Teacher

Language Arts Greek and Latin Roots

50 terms By haleyymac

Language Arts Latin and Greek Roots

24 terms By chloeacms

Latin Roots for Language Arts

19 terms By The_magical_Kiwi

Language Arts Latin Roots

48 terms By teachvce

Greek and Latin roots

33 terms By MCLion

Language arts greek and latin roots

56 terms By firefighterbman

Language Arts: Latin Roots/Part One

11 terms By Arozz

Latin Roots

22 terms By Shannon_White8

Language Arts Latin Roots

62 terms By Singh_sim

Greek & Latin Roots Set 3

37 terms By chris_wood

Week 4 Greek and Latin Roots

10 terms By aeheideman Teacher

Language Arts Latin Root Vocabulary

61 terms By Smartairhead

Latin roots 1-30

29 terms By slevecke

Latin Root Words

63 terms By EliseKStahl

Language Art Latin Roots

126 terms By kyleepstein

Second 14 Latin Roots

14 terms By amalas2003

Language Arts Greek & Latin Roots

45 terms By WAGALASD

Figurative Language

8 terms By dennitamiskimen

Greek or Latin Root Words 1-20

20 terms By cinachapman1

Greek or Latin Root Words 21-40

20 terms By cinachapman1

Greek or Latin Root Words 41-60

20 terms By cinachapman1

Greek and Latin Roots Unit 3: I Just Gotta Know

10 terms By Kimberly_Lawrence