Daily language, English/Chinese

10 terms By MadameAskenDunn Teacher

English 12 ERWC Language, Gender, and Culture Vocabulary

35 terms By Rangerredrum1997

Basic Conversational Language (English and Spanish)

46 terms By sinemnaylor Teacher

English 12 Figurative Language

30 terms By ZALofton

English 12 types of languages

9 terms By nirosha

English 12 - Figurative Language Terms

13 terms By naybitts

IB Language English B Customs and Traditions Vocabulary

40 terms By mrooth Teacher


63 terms By rlawrence15

English 12 Vocab set 1 1.1 Aspects of language

10 terms By pyro472

AP English 12 Vocab diction, detail, and figurative language

32 terms By volleyballgirl7

Language of tone English 12

26 terms By mjdt

Language Of The learner ENGLISH 12

20 terms By brookeylowery1

English 12 - Style in Language Terminology

28 terms By darcieroos

AP English 12 Diction, Detail, and Figurative Language Review

38 terms By cestlavie12411

English 12 Final Language Precision

22 terms By macblack75

English: A Living Language - Study Guide - D. Cox - Adv. English 12

24 terms By blakewilliams9

English 12 (characterization, tone/mood,figurative language)

18 terms By mhibberd

Chase: C.P. English 12 1984 Language

18 terms By tewinship

English 12 Figurative Language Terms

15 terms By kmahanna

English 12 - Writing Styles & Language

16 terms By mssy

IB Language English B Vocabulary to Describe a Photograph

25 terms By mrooth Teacher

English 12-Vocab 18-Language of film

10 terms By mzinfo

English 12 Vocab 19 -Language of Film 2

11 terms By mzinfo

Computer language English-German

203 terms By tebner

History of The English Language - English 401 - Test One

51 terms By mcampbell4394

Figurative Language/English

39 terms By Flashmaker123

AP Language English Terms #3

23 terms By Reem-a

Figurative Language: English

30 terms By taylor_vincent88

Functional Language English-Polish

56 terms By sebzwo

Language: English

11 terms By Purplesox

AP Language English IV Vocabulary 3

50 terms By allyson_ryan


36 terms By JuliaBoothe

Figurative Language (English 3 AP Level)

67 terms By MissFayChen832

figurative language(english vocab.)

20 terms By Chelsea180

School Language (English/Chinese)

18 terms By cschlessinger Teacher

figurative language english 1

12 terms By JStillwell18

Language English Terms

166 terms By jazique

Academic Language English Vocab

33 terms By baynicole15

figurative language( english 1 PAP)

37 terms By william2014

Other Languages...English Class

25 terms By legithomerwork

Figurative Language English 8 Definitions

12 terms By Mieke_Hart

Figurative Language- English 2H

47 terms By yuantheodore

Halliday's Functions of Language (English Language)

7 terms By Emma_Shaffer5

Language- English 9

19 terms By emilyfisherxx


14 terms By butteredpopcorn99

Chapter 4 Language: English

13 terms By cubfan22

Spoken Language-English

19 terms By hmidkiff_jc

Graph Language English

151 terms By andris_1

Body language / English Vocabulary

23 terms By Sasha-Calame

Figurative Language - English

11 terms By sincerlymicaela