Latin 101 - 1st Declension Nouns

26 terms By Mairead_Christina

Latin 101 1st Declension Endings

10 terms By adam-glassner

Latin 101 Ch. 2 Vocab (1st Declension)

25 terms By Trent_Witte

Latin 2 Review: 1st declension nouns

38 terms By emsolomon Teacher

1st Declension Dative -S9

17 terms By elishahwilliams Teacher

LAT 101 1st Declension Nouns

12 terms By Kristen_Marumoto

GCSE Latin: Nouns: 1st Declension

30 terms By STJClassics Teacher

Latin 1st declension endings

10 terms By rharriso Teacher

Latin 101-01 1st Declension

18 terms By AlanWitt

1st Declension Nouns - OCR AS Latin

55 terms By Magister_TPS Teacher

1st Declension Nouns

39 terms By Alexander_Houpert Teacher

Chigwell Classics: Latin AS nouns (1st declension)

56 terms By logodaedalus Teacher

Grammar Lesson I (1st declension endings)

14 terms By Magister-Barkalow Teacher

High Frequency Latin: 1st Declension

62 terms By Homewood-Latin Teacher

Latin 101: Chapter 7: 3rd Declension

47 terms By nkruff Teacher

1st Declension Nouns - OCR GCSE Latin

30 terms By Magister_TPS Teacher

AMSCO Nouns (1st declension)

22 terms By latinteacher Teacher

Latin 1st Declension Ending and Meaning

17 terms By ForAllOfRome

AS Latin: Nouns, 1st declension

55 terms By STJClassics Teacher

1st Declension Endings

10 terms By MagisterCongo Teacher

1st declension Latin nouns

31 terms By sladeE

Quizlet 5: LNM 1ST DECLENSION Recognition

32 terms By MmeThomas Teacher

1st Declension Nouns

25 terms By SNHEC Teacher

Latin II Vocab Review (1st Declension)

45 terms By Alexander_Houpert Teacher

Latin Nouns of the 1st Declension

21 terms By skycoolzoid

1st Declension Noun Endings

10 terms By saa

1st Declension: puella

12 terms By Magister_TPS Teacher

Latin 1st declension

97 terms By Emma_1692

Noun 1st Declension Endings

14 terms By scrappyjab Teacher

Latin Vocab: 1st Declension Nouns

29 terms By YoavBezzie

1st Declension Nouns

12 terms By thomla03