Latin 101 - 1st Declension Nouns

26 terms By Mairead_Christina

Latin 101 1st Declension Endings

10 terms By adam-glassner

Latin 101 Ch. 2 Vocab (1st Declension)

25 terms By Trent_Witte

Latin 101-01 1st Declension

18 terms By AlanWitt

Latin 2 Review: 1st declension nouns

38 terms By emsolomon Teacher

LAT 101 1st Declension Nouns

12 terms By Kristen_Marumoto

GCSE Latin: Nouns: 1st Declension

30 terms By STJClassics Teacher

High Frequency Latin: 1st Declension

62 terms By Homewood-Latin Teacher

Latin 1st declension endings

10 terms By rharriso Teacher

AS Latin: Nouns, 1st declension

55 terms By STJClassics Teacher

Latin 101: Chapter 7: 3rd Declension

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1st Declension Nouns - OCR AS Latin

55 terms By Magister_TPS Teacher

Chigwell Classics: Latin AS nouns (1st declension)

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Latin II Vocab Review (1st Declension)

45 terms By Alexander_Houpert Teacher

Latin 1st Declension Ending and Meaning

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1st Declension Nouns - OCR GCSE Latin

30 terms By Magister_TPS Teacher

1st Declension Nouns

25 terms By SNHEC Teacher

AMSCO Nouns (1st declension)

22 terms By latinteacher Teacher

Quizlet 5: LNM 1ST DECLENSION Recognition

32 terms By MmeThomas Teacher

1st Declension: Aqua, Aquae

16 terms By nora_kelley Teacher

Latin 1st declension

97 terms By Emma_1692

1st Declension Nouns (Vocabulary)

57 terms By julie_lolos

Henle Latin: 1st Declension Nouns

22 terms By txsonflower

Latin Nouns of the 1st Declension

21 terms By skycoolzoid

Noun 1st Declension Endings

14 terms By scrappyjab Teacher

1st Declension Nouns

55 terms By avalouise09

1st Declension Endings

10 terms By MagisterCongo Teacher

1st Declension Nouns

12 terms By thomla03

1st Declension of Nouns

12 terms By DBelloC

Latin 1st Declension endings

7 terms By LBChristian

1st declension Latin nouns

43 terms By jersygirl207

MODG - Latin - 1st Declension Nouns

12 terms By HSMAMA Teacher