Latin Declensions (Nouns)

5 terms By tldslw Teacher

Latin 2 Review: 1st declension nouns

38 terms By emsolomon Teacher

Latin 2 Review: 2nd declension nouns

48 terms By emsolomon Teacher

Latin GCSE Vocabulary third declension nouns

40 terms By kwrathmell Teacher

Latin 2 Review: 3rd declension nouns

54 terms By emsolomon Teacher

First (1st) & Second (2nd) Declension Noun Endings

30 terms By seafra_micael Teacher

Latin II 4/5 Declension Nouns

34 terms By Qwerty6789

GCSE Latin Vocabulary first declension nouns

30 terms By kwrathmell Teacher

Latin 5: 2nd declension nouns (neuter)

10 terms By Lauracatherine1

1st Declension Nouns

39 terms By Alexander_Houpert Teacher

Latin 3-5 declension nouns

58 terms By alex_beutel

latin 3-5 declension nouns

17 terms By hrithikguy

Upper School 5th Declension Nouns

40 terms By absiegel Teacher

4th and 5th Declension Nouns

41 terms By MagistraWebber Teacher

Latin 4+5 declension nouns

41 terms By maddieflynn2

Latin 4&5 declension nouns

16 terms By ajusticz10

1st Declension Nouns - OCR AS Latin

55 terms By Magister_TPS Teacher

Henle Latin: 3rd Declension Nouns

42 terms By txsonflower

Latin First Declension Noun Endings

10 terms By sofdancer99

Latin GCSE Vocabulary second declension nouns

24 terms By kwrathmell Teacher

1st Declension Nouns - OCR GCSE Latin

30 terms By Magister_TPS Teacher

Latin # 5 - 5th Declension Nouns

6 terms By lauren_2018

3rd Declension Nouns

31 terms By Magistra_Saxum Teacher

Latin First Declension Nouns

94 terms By Checkers2

1-5 Declension Noun Endings

33 terms By Harber_K

Henle Latin 2nd Declension: Nouns & Verbs

24 terms By lesathome Teacher

1st declension nouns

21 terms By magistraeoptimae Teacher

Fourth Declension Nouns

29 terms By dr_liz Teacher

1st Declension Nouns

25 terms By SNHEC Teacher

Latin - Lesson 1 First Declension Nouns

13 terms By lifestooshort321

First Declension Nouns

87 terms By dr_liz Teacher

4th declension nouns

29 terms By lamilks Teacher

1st Declension Noun Endings

10 terms By saa

noun cases 1st declension nouns

10 terms By jpattara

Fourth Declension Nouns

9 terms By bridgetthomas Teacher

First Declension Nouns

46 terms By annarose10

Latin II Regulars 4th declension nouns

20 terms By sdepedro Teacher

1st to 5th declension Nouns

25 terms By MrMcBratney Teacher