Latin Prefixes and Suffixes for Science

54 terms By mrdestcroix TEACHER

Latin Prefixes, suffixes, abbreviations

52 terms By RBCaesar TEACHER

Greek and Latin "Prefixes & Suffixes"

40 terms By okuwah TEACHER

SAT Latin Prefixes, Suffixes, and Roots

59 terms By quizlette24673

prefix/suffix - 5th grade

38 terms By mpekel TEACHER

G/L Prefixes, Suffixes, and Roots- Unit 1

15 terms By jreeh TEACHER

Greek & Latin Prefixes & Suffixes

12 terms By caryvarela TEACHER

Latin Medical Prefix & Suffix

266 terms By OphThalPHX

Greek & Latin Prefixes & Suffixes

63 terms By Spieringsk

Latin Prefixes

20 terms By judegrimes TEACHER

Latin Prefixes, Suffixes & Root Words

4 terms By Sloat2015-2016 TEACHER

Greek/Latin Prefixes/Suffixes

197 terms By sam_hmoud

Latin Prefixes/Suffixes 3B

43 terms By SayuniD

Latin Prefixes, Suffixes, & Roots

47 terms By stephharrison15

Greek & Latin Prefixes/Suffixes/Roots

27 terms By amsteacher

Latin Prefixes/Suffixes

20 terms By hegnew

Prefixes, Suffixes, and Roots


Latin prefixes and suffixes

20 terms By dobbsclass TEACHER

Latin Prefix, Suffix, Numbers

62 terms By timadd

Nartiff SBA Prefixes, Suffixes, Roots

20 terms By S_Nartiff TEACHER

Sixth Grade Word-A-Day, Prefixes, & Suffixes - Week 9 & 10

14 terms By mrsrombachreads TEACHER

Latin Prefix/Suffix Midterm

31 terms By cxnemrac

Latin prefixes & suffixes 1-12

65 terms By montuewed

Latin roots, prefixes, suffixes (ISEE)

51 terms By Hannah_Tsui

Pharmacology Prefix/Suffix

49 terms By msatre TEACHER

Latin prefixes & suffixes (Anatomy)

65 terms By anakarina_paez

CLA201 Latin Prefix/suffix

53 terms By xiaoxiaoyao

Latin Prefixes/Suffixes

40 terms By Ritupatel2012

Latin Prefixes & Suffixes

37 terms By joannaxiaolu

Latin Prefixes/Suffixes

40 terms By grace_williams1

Greek & Latin Prefixes/Suffixes

50 terms By jennymorgan

Greek & Latin Prefixes/Suffixes

54 terms By MCEGibson

Greek and Latin prefixes and suffixes

33 terms By Yoohoogummybear