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36 terms By SarahLillianParker


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Revision Legal Studies AOS 3 Unit 1

49 terms By Susan_Driessen TEACHER

legal terms_arrest

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Legal English 1

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Legal Latin

18 terms By anahuac5 TEACHER

Basic Legal Concepts

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Legal Terms #3-- #'s 25-35

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HongKong legal system

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Legal System Vocabulary

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Legal words for trial

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Legal Matters

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Ethics/ Legal chapter 2

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Legal Research - the Law Library

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Legal Terms, 1-11

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Test 16: Pattern: Final /l/ and /əl/ (jewel, legal)

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Legal Terms #2, #'s 12-24

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Eastern Philosophies- Confucianism, Daoism and Legalism

14 terms By Donna_Bracewell TEACHER

Legal terms explained in Plain English

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Legal Land Descriptions

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Legally Blonde II (5 - 8)

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Legal English

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Legally Blonde III (9 - 12)

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Legally Blonde IV (18 - 14)

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Ethics Legal 3

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Legally Blonde IV (13 - 17)

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Legal & Ethical Responsibilities

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Legal Terminology

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Korean Legal system

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Legal Definintion

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Ethics & Legality

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Business Law- Lecture- CH2- "The Canadian Legal System"

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Legal and Illegal Drugs

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Legal Vocab

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Ethics and legal

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Legal Vocab

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