Le francais Course 4

By kanacat97
68 terms by kanacat97

Francais time and courses

48 terms by GRACE_BARCLAY

Course français 1.04

By quizlette564588
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Course de francais - graphiques

By elma_softic
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Le coursed français #1

By Niki2213
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Français 3-Leçon 4A-Les courses

By K_Shaver-Carter
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Le francais course 7 texte 1

By kanacat97
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Le Francais Course 4 nro.2

By kanacat97
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9- Français I Subjects and Courses

By AlexisSchil
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Français 2 Unité 4 - Faisons les courses

By mllegalloway
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Les Courses - Leçon 4A Français 2

36 terms by NATALIA778

Course de français - recevoir (plage d'apprentissage 3)

By quizlette33761
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Français 7 - Unité 6 - La nourriture et les courses

By Gretchen_Mancuso
69 terms by Gretchen_Mancuso

Français Blanc 2: Unité 3, Leçon 9 Vocabulaire- Les Courses

By tuckerclasses
22 terms by tuckerclasses

le français 7: chapitre 2: Les cours et les profs

By MadameSenoraYoungTEACHER
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Le français A1 35-

By anna_kryuchka
124 terms by anna_kryuchka

La nourriture et les courses

By MmeDyer
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2.7A - Un repas français

By mklawton
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le français 4 EXAM REVIEW l'hiver 2015

By profannie
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12A Les courses

By hcunningTEACHER
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Francais Interactif Ch 10 Les passe-temps

By dmichaelTEACHER
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les matieres en cours de français

By daniel_tamayo15
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By Le_Club_des_cinqTEACHER
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Les sports en français

By Alice_Garner2
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Français I - les cours vocab

By bemeyer17
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Les activités sportives

By RLavrencic
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Le son CH

By cfmuratori
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les matières en cours de français

By Jimena_Ramirez6
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Les Francais Flash-cards.

By jacquelinebaker
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les matières en cours de français

By Jeffrey_deGroot
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français decembre 8

By melissa_leskiw
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Les sports

By trusinska
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Parts of the Body/Le corps humain

By englishplusTEACHER
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Basic French conversation - Conversation de base en français

By ninaarTEACHER
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Le corps humain en images (tout)

51 terms by Stephane-METRALTEACHER

November 23,2015

By Ludicra
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Francais 2IK

By RussBi
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"Les sports"-images

By lesliefr2
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Discovering French Bleu, Unité 3, Leçon 5 (activities, like, dislike)

By MadameJenksTEACHER
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Les tâches ménagères (chores)

By Marita_EvansTEACHER
27 terms by Marita_EvansTEACHER

Les cours à l'école

18 terms by MauriDeerTEACHER

Français 3- Unité 2- Leçon A- Vocab.

By Madame_Halliday
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extra1 unité 6

By a2namariekTEACHER
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By MlleMorrisonTEACHER
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Les Tâches Menagères

By Madame_BrowneTEACHER
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Les Repas

By jmclaughlin2012
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Leçon 15: Adverbes

By Madame_SchreckTEACHER
13 terms by Madame_SchreckTEACHER