La maison et les meubles (Home & Furniture)

By MadameLaingTEACHER
20 terms by MadameLaingTEACHER

Les meubles

By Ashna_K
15 terms by Ashna_K

la maison et les meubles

By madamelacombeTEACHER
80 terms by madamelacombeTEACHER

French 2 La maison et Les Meubles

By gbeardmore
78 terms by gbeardmore

les meubles

By gluo
27 terms by gluo

Les pièces, les meubles et les appareils, les prépositions

By MonsieurHowellsTEACHER
39 terms by MonsieurHowellsTEACHER


By Madamegazelle
17 terms by Madamegazelle

Home and local area 2

By khopgoodTEACHER
42 terms by khopgoodTEACHER

4.4 Les meubles et les appareils - Furniture and appliances

By MonsieurShaw
22 terms by MonsieurShaw

les meubles #2

By rbsmith5401
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By Mr_StrokerTEACHER
25 terms by Mr_StrokerTEACHER

objects in the home

By Ms_Clayton
9 terms by Ms_Clayton

French Home Vocab with pics

By hydepsTEACHER
48 terms by hydepsTEACHER

All of house and home vocab

By MadameSprague3
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74 terms by TQWS

Home Life 3b

By hcatton
15 terms by hcatton


By Madamegazelle
24 terms by Madamegazelle

home and local area foundation

By ncouture6
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By elderwilliam
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Home vocab

By PinkRevision18
74 terms by PinkRevision18

Home Life (Part 11)

By Joanne_Tan6
11 terms by Joanne_Tan6

At home

By laclasededon
46 terms by laclasededon

In the home

By Daisy_Holloway
15 terms by Daisy_Holloway

AQA Home and Environment - Home - Furniture

By lmcgowan766TEACHER
30 terms by lmcgowan766TEACHER

Home and Local Area - Foundation 1

By esalci
23 terms by esalci

14 - home

By knicksonx
10 terms by knicksonx

9 - At home

By MissKer
161 terms by MissKer

Chapter 4: Lès pieces et les meubles

By Dune3804
23 terms by Dune3804

At Home

By Jimmy_Turner
48 terms by Jimmy_Turner

Home and local area vocabulary foundation

By butl400
12 terms by butl400

Lessons 11-15 - Home

By mmefriteTEACHER
50 terms by mmefriteTEACHER

Spanish- at home

By Rosa_Gillette
10 terms by Rosa_Gillette

Home and Local Area 4/8

By MrsTurney_MrsMayes
19 terms by MrsTurney_MrsMayes


By jbradshawqes
38 terms by jbradshawqes

Home and Local Area 4/8

By CBA_Languages
19 terms by CBA_Languages

House and Home - French 3 Regents Review

By sdziekonskiTEACHER
10 terms by sdziekonskiTEACHER

Inside out upper intermediate Home p.7-8

By Anne-Marie_DEPOUHON
45 terms by Anne-Marie_DEPOUHON

items in the home

By Gdunn1017
11 terms by Gdunn1017

House and home

By hchenevotot
35 terms by hchenevotot

Summer Revision Home Furniture

By janegreen22
33 terms by janegreen22

House, home and daily routine 7

By MrsCarleton
25 terms by MrsCarleton

Home Life 11X French

By Manveer_Lall
53 terms by Manveer_Lall

the house

By quizlette733996
28 terms by quizlette733996

Home and local area

By hollls
10 terms by hollls

GCSE Fr - 2.1 Home & Local Area

By PVoizard
55 terms by PVoizard

Home and local area

By beckyvickridge
10 terms by beckyvickridge


By cmoser12
25 terms by cmoser12

Français interactif CH08 La maison

By OCSFrench
83 terms by OCSFrench

French at home 5

By Erin_Jenkins8
10 terms by Erin_Jenkins8

French lodging and home description adjectives

By Terri_Wright3
34 terms by Terri_Wright3