German: Unit Test Two Adjectives

62 terms By purplepair34

Lesson Two Adjectives

41 terms By Julez92748

Lesson two adjectives

12 terms By Siobhan_Bygate

Lesson Two (Adjectives 16-30)

15 terms By alexiasharris

lesson two - adjectives in al

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lesson two - adjectives in eux

9 terms By queen_shay6

German 2 (Chapter 8) lesson two

50 terms By Yodenheim

German Lesson two nouns

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German lesson two

70 terms By natalia_danilova

Lesson Two (Adjectives 16-30)

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German Lesson two-1

70 terms By ch_tseng

German Lesson Two

38 terms By serah91

German Lesson two-2

87 terms By ch_tseng

unit one lesson two

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Lesson Two

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German Lesson Two

18 terms By ellieharder

german lesson two

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Lesson two

10 terms By quizlette304611

german vocab lesson two

6 terms By holyarchangels

Lessons Two and Three

7 terms By Brian31699

German Adjective Endings

32 terms By HerrSpencer

German Workbook: Themen Aktuell 1 - Lektion 1

87 terms By i_love_languages_19

German Workbook: Themen Aktuell 1 - Lektion 2

62 terms By i_love_languages_19

German 3 Adjectives two

27 terms By bdirksy7

German Adjective Endings

32 terms By normawhite

German Adjectives: Predicative Part Two

7 terms By Wraith_Ruler

German: Adjectives: Predicative

36 terms By friendlymushroom22

Preliminary Lesson (Part Two)

32 terms By pkeenan2019

German Nouns and Adjectives Two

45 terms By Ethan_Martin163

German Personality Adjectives Set Two

26 terms By cupcakesandsugar

German 3 adjectives-Test two

24 terms By Lmigs05

German Vocab: Adjectives

43 terms By jbunnyxbailey

Learn German (Lesson 20)

55 terms By brandonseigler

German Vocab: Adjectives

69 terms By morrisi17

GCSE German - English Adjectives

140 terms By quicksilvr08

German Practice

122 terms By derek_skillings

German Adjective Endings

32 terms By seymur312

German Lesson 3 - Adjectives

40 terms By lotrluvr

German Adjectives lesson 1

34 terms By nwg416

Henle Latin Unit Two: Lesson 7

20 terms By PallasAthene