Orange Line 4 (Unit 1) Facts and fiction

By helene_ruhe
28 terms by helene_ruhe

Orange Line 3 Unit 4 Facts and fiction

By charlotte_siegert
27 terms by charlotte_siegert

Klett Orange Line 3 Erweiterungskurs Unit 1 Facts and fiction

By Michael_Krueck
32 terms by Michael_Krueck

Klett Orange Line 4 Erweiterungskurs Unit 2 Facts and fiction

By Michael_Krueck
53 terms by Michael_Krueck

Orange Line 4 GK Unit 3 Facts and fiction

By Lena_ButrovaTEACHER
28 terms by Lena_ButrovaTEACHER

Klett Orange Line 4 Erweiterungskurs Unit 2 Facts and fiction

By Lior_Krause
38 terms by Lior_Krause

Orange Line 4 Erweiterungskurs unit 4 Facts and fiction

By Denise7Albr
40 terms by Denise7Albr

Orange Line 4 Erweiterungskurs unit 5 Facts and fiction

By Denise7Albr
31 terms by Denise7Albr

Klett Orange Line 4 GK Unit 4 Facts and fiction Going places

By Lena_ButrovaTEACHER
21 terms by Lena_ButrovaTEACHER

Fact and Fiction

By maxime_godfriaux
15 terms by maxime_godfriaux

Fact of Fiction

By kathleen_forrest8
8 terms by kathleen_forrest8

Facts and fiction

By Christian_Diur
25 terms by Christian_Diur

Fact and Fiction

By Zach_Eggzachtly
11 terms by Zach_Eggzachtly

facts and fiction

By swagettiyolonese13
24 terms by swagettiyolonese13

Facts and fiction

By Joggelibuume
25 terms by Joggelibuume

Fact or Fiction Vocabulary

By dholzpavukTEACHER
11 terms by dholzpavukTEACHER

Line Facts

By mothertucker58
11 terms by mothertucker58

Klett Orange line 4 unit 2 Facts and fiction s. 133 Lior

By Lior_Krause
23 terms by Lior_Krause

Fact or Fiction ?

By quizlette130466
10 terms by quizlette130466

Fact or Fiction

By gladd1968
27 terms by gladd1968

Line the facts

By juana_rueda
10 terms by juana_rueda

Unit 1:Facts and Fiction

By FrauFreyer
23 terms by FrauFreyer

8A Fact or Fiction

By JuniorAugustineTEACHER
24 terms by JuniorAugustineTEACHER


By Maruxina
21 terms by Maruxina

Fact or Fiction

By Marciniak
10 terms by Marciniak

Fact or Fiction

By Hailey_Pickard3
12 terms by Hailey_Pickard3

8A Fact or Fiction?

By JuniorAugustineTEACHER
25 terms by JuniorAugustineTEACHER

Lasers: Fact or Fiction

By Zareiff
15 terms by Zareiff

Health - fact or fiction

By karolinakocerka
41 terms by karolinakocerka

UFo's Fact of Fiction

10 terms by CARIE_DIXON

Food: fact or fiction

By mronveaux
123 terms by mronveaux

Food: fact or fiction

By mronveaux
31 terms by mronveaux

Pocahontas - Facts and Fiction

By lukacsemese
38 terms by lukacsemese

Antarctica Fact vs. Fiction

17 terms by d181TEACHER

Facts and Fiction: Friday the 13th

By Liza_Butler
12 terms by Liza_Butler

Fact or Fiction vocabulary

By cfchaparro
10 terms by cfchaparro

"Fact or Fiction"

By nfeldhamer
10 terms by nfeldhamer

Fact, Fiction and Fun

By MsRey
11 terms by MsRey

EN:the fact and fiction of social wasps

By Coleton236
27 terms by Coleton236

Creatures: Fact or Fiction

By liger_awesome
10 terms by liger_awesome

Fact or Fiction?

By dmorana
11 terms by dmorana

Unit 8 - Fact and Fiction 1

By trinhthianhhang
18 terms by trinhthianhhang

Inherit the Wind - Fact and Fiction

By dpizziTEACHER
21 terms by dpizziTEACHER

Speakout intermediate fact or fiction?

By Domi_Lingua
12 terms by Domi_Lingua

Fact or Fiction-Verbs

By Normeta
8 terms by Normeta