Spanish List 1 (Preterite)

By Penguimo
32 terms by Penguimo

Spanish Spelling Bee List #1

By adduranTEACHER
20 terms by adduranTEACHER

Cundall Spanish Preterite Spelling Changes

8 terms by hb_MFLTEACHER

spanish spelling change in preterite

By mckenzielee13
20 terms by mckenzielee13

Spanish Preterite spell changes

By Itsgabbyxoxo
22 terms by Itsgabbyxoxo

Spanish 2 Preterite Vocab List 1

By gracecasner
36 terms by gracecasner

spanish spelling change preterite verbs

By megansolis10
14 terms by megansolis10

Spanish 5 Spelling List #1

By qpotthast97
17 terms by qpotthast97

Spanish 1.1 preterite

By hannahlee285
27 terms by hannahlee285

Spelling List #1 (Spanish 5)

By lexirenschen
17 terms by lexirenschen

Spanish Spelling Bee List 1

By LRoberts00101299
133 terms by LRoberts00101299

Spanish III--Spelling Change Verbs B--Preterite

By pmaierht
14 terms by pmaierht

Spanish Preterite Verbs-spelling changes

By jordan0625
12 terms by jordan0625

Spanish 2- Preterite Spell-Changers

By soyalbaTEACHER
46 terms by soyalbaTEACHER

Spanish III--Spelling Change Verbs A--Preterite

By pmaierht
20 terms by pmaierht

Spanish Preterite Examples - 1

By Tom_Daccord
20 terms by Tom_Daccord

Spanish: Spell-changing, Preterite RV, and Preterite IV

By VictoriaTran_06
38 terms by VictoriaTran_06

Spanish- Preterite endings and spelling changes

By VintageSync
9 terms by VintageSync

Cundall Spanish Preterite Spelling Changes -UCIR verbs

15 terms by hb_MFLTEACHER

Spanish Preterite vocab list

By alexislindholm
33 terms by alexislindholm

Common spelling-change preterite verbs-Spanish III

By dmdelgado
14 terms by dmdelgado

Spanish preterite tenses and spell changes

By Itsgabbyxoxo
16 terms by Itsgabbyxoxo

Spanish for Mastery 2, Book 1, Un. 8, Lec. 2 Preterite spelling changes

By valp100789TEACHER
12 terms by valp100789TEACHER

Spanish spell changing verbs in the preterite

By BombeEM
18 terms by BombeEM

Preterite List- Spanish 2

By RebelDevil
128 terms by RebelDevil

spelling list #1 - AP Spanish 4

By julieeldb00
10 terms by julieeldb00

Spanish Preterite list

By cwaddelow
25 terms by cwaddelow

Spelling List C-1

By Convirs
22 terms by Convirs

Spelling List 1

By LizCardiganTEACHER
15 terms by LizCardiganTEACHER

Spanish Vocab Common Spelling-Change Preterite Verbs

By hamadzaman00
14 terms by hamadzaman00

Spelling list 1 spell

By Marcela_Guevara
15 terms by Marcela_Guevara

Spelling List 1

By MsTheo
21 terms by MsTheo

Spanish Preterite Verbs List

By naterobards
20 terms by naterobards

spanish Irregular Preterite list

By isabelnvusd
11 terms by isabelnvusd

Preterite Spanish irregular list

By Jackthan
22 terms by Jackthan

Spelling List A-1

By Glowboy11TEACHER
10 terms by Glowboy11TEACHER

Spelling List 1

By mstoddplms
20 terms by mstoddplms

Spanish 3: Preterite -Yo form Spelling Changes

By Study8393
28 terms by Study8393

Spanish exam preterit spelling changes

By justme2017
10 terms by justme2017

Preterite List 1

By OhSnapItzGinger
21 terms by OhSnapItzGinger

Spelling List B-1

By Glowboy11TEACHER
15 terms by Glowboy11TEACHER

Kaylee Spelling List 1

By Sara_Franklin86
10 terms by Sara_Franklin86

Spelling List d-1

By Glowboy11TEACHER
25 terms by Glowboy11TEACHER

UAE Spelling Bee: Spanish List 1

By Rosa_Devera
50 terms by Rosa_Devera

Spelling List S-1

By DeniselemastersTEACHER
20 terms by DeniselemastersTEACHER

Spanish 1 ER / IR preterite

By twalery
24 terms by twalery

Spanish 2 Comprehensive Preterite List

By srtaflanagan
56 terms by srtaflanagan

Spelling List Week 1

By sharif_i
15 terms by sharif_i

Regular present / preterite verbs list 1

By Mrs_Martin_Spanish
15 terms by Mrs_Martin_Spanish