Spanish List 1 (Preterite)

By Penguimo
32 terms by Penguimo

Spanish 4 List 1 Preterite

By lsands19
20 terms by lsands19

Spanish Spelling Bee List #1

By adduranTEACHER
20 terms by adduranTEACHER

Spanish Spelling List 1

By Ashley_Leible
47 terms by Ashley_Leible

spanish spelling change in preterite

By mckenzielee13
20 terms by mckenzielee13

Cundall Spanish Preterite Spelling Changes

8 terms by hb_MFLTEACHER

spanish spelling change preterite verbs

By megansolis10
14 terms by megansolis10

Spanish 2 Preterite Vocab List 1

By gracecasner
36 terms by gracecasner

Spanish Preterite Verbs-spelling changes

By jordan0625
12 terms by jordan0625

Spanish 5 Spelling List #1

By qpotthast97
17 terms by qpotthast97

Spelling List #1 (Spanish 5)

By lexirenschen
17 terms by lexirenschen

Spanish Spelling Bee List 1

By LRoberts00101299
133 terms by LRoberts00101299

Spanish 1.1 preterite

By hannahlee285
27 terms by hannahlee285

Spanish 2- Preterite Spell-Changers

By soyalbaTEACHER
46 terms by soyalbaTEACHER

Spanish Preterite - Irregulars, stem changers, spell changers

By JRAnderson1215TEACHER
80 terms by JRAnderson1215TEACHER

Spanish spell changing verbs in the preterite

By BombeEM
18 terms by BombeEM

Spanish: Spell-changing, Preterite RV, and Preterite IV

By VictoriaTran_06
38 terms by VictoriaTran_06

Spanish- Preterite endings and spelling changes

By VintageSync
9 terms by VintageSync

Spanish Preterite Examples - 1

By Tom_Daccord
20 terms by Tom_Daccord

Spanish Preterite vocab list

By alexislindholm
33 terms by alexislindholm

Cundall Spanish Preterite Spelling Changes -UCIR verbs

15 terms by hb_MFLTEACHER

Spanish for Mastery 2, Book 1, Un. 8, Lec. 2 Preterite spelling changes

By valp100789TEACHER
12 terms by valp100789TEACHER

Preterite List- Spanish 2

By RebelDevil
128 terms by RebelDevil

2-1 Translations: Spelling-change Preterite

By weitzeljulieTEACHER
20 terms by weitzeljulieTEACHER

spelling list #1 - AP Spanish 4

By julieeldb00
10 terms by julieeldb00

Spelling list 1

By dinah_yarborough
11 terms by dinah_yarborough

Spanish Preterite list

By cwaddelow
25 terms by cwaddelow

Spanish III--Spelling Change Verbs B--Preterite

By pmaierht
14 terms by pmaierht

Spanish Vocab Common Spelling-Change Preterite Verbs

By hamadzaman00
14 terms by hamadzaman00

spanish preterite verbs list

By GraetzM
60 terms by GraetzM

Spanish Preterite Verbs List

By naterobards
20 terms by naterobards

Spanish 3 Preterite List

By kensears
16 terms by kensears

Spelling List C-1

By Convirs
22 terms by Convirs

Spelling List 1

By Nahla_Monib
15 terms by Nahla_Monib

spanish Irregular Preterite list

By isabelnvusd
11 terms by isabelnvusd

Preterite Spanish irregular list

By Jackthan
22 terms by Jackthan

Spelling List 1

By MsTheo
21 terms by MsTheo

Spelling list 1 spell

By Marcela_Guevara
15 terms by Marcela_Guevara

Spanish III--Spelling Change Verbs A--Preterite

By pmaierht
20 terms by pmaierht

Spanish 3: Vocabulary: Preterite Spelling Changers

By EddieEnder
32 terms by EddieEnder

Spelling Words List 1

By Kelly_Sickle
10 terms by Kelly_Sickle

Spelling List A-1

By Glowboy11TEACHER
10 terms by Glowboy11TEACHER

Spanish exam preterit spelling changes

By justme2017
10 terms by justme2017

Preterite List 1

By OhSnapItzGinger
21 terms by OhSnapItzGinger

Spelling List 1

By mstoddplms
20 terms by mstoddplms

UAE Spelling Bee: Spanish List 1

By Rosa_Devera
50 terms by Rosa_Devera

Kaylee Spelling List 1

By Sara_Franklin86
10 terms by Sara_Franklin86

Spelling List 2-1

By lwecker2TEACHER
20 terms by lwecker2TEACHER

Spanish 2 Comprehensive Preterite List

By srtaflanaganTEACHER
56 terms by srtaflanaganTEACHER